100 Popular YouTube Challenges (And Ideas) to Help You Go Viral


YouTube challenges are a fantastic method to get new subscribers and exposure for your channel. With their help, you may launch a viral marketing campaign that will bring in thousands, if not millions, of new viewers to your channel. The following are some ways in which YouTube challenges might benefit your channel and brand:

If you’re at a loss for what kinds of video challenges to try out on your channel, you need to look no further. Here are one hundred of the most fun and engaging challenges from YouTube that you may complete with your friends or yourself.

Ideas for a variety of YouTube challenges

In the beginning, there were YouTube challenge videos (around 2005). You can have a good time, connect with your audience, and rise to the top of YouTube with these kinds of videos. Let’s just dive right in!

Challenging Food Video

One of the most common types of challenges in films involves eating. Indeed at least once in our lives, everyone has attempted to down a tablespoon of cinnamon. I am consuming a ghost pepper, maybe. No? Both of them are unpleasant, I guess. Fortunately, not all “food challenges” on YouTube are as cringe-worthy as those two examples.

Challenge of the Ghost Pepper

Here’s all you need to know about the ghost pepper and why the burn could be worth it if you tackle the challenge.

The ghost pepper originates in South America and is known for its tremendous heat. It has a heat level of nearly 1 million Scoville units and is among the hottest peppers available. That level of heat is unmatched by even the habanero pepper. Don’t forget to have some milk on hand.

To Name That Flavor?

You’ll have to use your sense of taste to win the Guess the Flavor Challenge! Throw on a blindfold and try some flavorful food for this challenge (i.e., candy, Fanta, chips, etc.). An interesting twist is to provide a reward for a right guess.

The Pizza Challenge

Players must separate ingredients into opaque containers to complete the pizza challenge.

The next step involves participants choosing containers randomly and making pizzas using the bag of ingredients provided.

The actual test comes when you have to eat what you’ve made.

The Battle between Gummi Food and the Real Food

Two participants, each having a real and a gummy version of the same dish, is needed for the sticky vs. real food challenge. Two people sit in front of each other, one with a covered tray of actual food and the other with a covered tray of gummy food. Whatever tray they choose doesn’t matter; they have to eat from it!

Although this task may seem simple, remember that REAL gummy pizzas exist. It’s enough to give you a sore jaw just thinking about it.

Challenge of Chubby Bunny

As one of YouTube’s most popular challenges, the Chubby Bunny challenge shows no signs of fading away. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the task; it’s rather tricky. You stuff marshmallows in your mouth and shout “Chubby Bunny” between each one. Your cheeks could ache from laughing so much.

The Cinnamon Challenge

Something like this ought to be recorded for posterity. It’s been at least a decade since the Cinnamon Challenge first appeared online, but the trend hasn’t died. The chances will be in your favor if you just take a tablespoon of cinnamon and swallow it.

Do not stop to breathe throughout this task.

Eat it or Wear it

The Eat or Wear Challenge may be a nasty affair. Various meals are mixed and concealed in opaque bags. Each bag is then assigned a unique number.

Afterward, individuals choose a bag (or go sequentially by using numbers) at a time. All of the food in the pack is fair game. So, if you don’t want to eat it, be ready to drape yourself in it.

Whoever has the least amount of food on their clothes wins at the end of the game.

Watermelons Exploding

This challenge has gone popular on YouTube and beyond. It is still prevalent on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. For the Exploding Watermelon Challenge, a whole watermelon is wrapped in elastic bands and then set on fire. You just keep adding more and more until the watermelon finally gives. A lot is riding on the outcome of this test of skill. Ideally, you’d do this in the great outdoors.

The Roulette Bet from McDonald’s

The McDonald’s Roulette is a great way to spice up your next McDonald’s visit.

It’s easy; simply follow the vehicle in front of you to the drive-through and place an identical order.

A family of seven may place an order, or someone could only want a black coffee. It just adds to the excitement!

Creativity vs. Pancakes

Collins Even though Key is responsible for popularising this challenge, you don’t have to take it to the same extremes he does on his channel.

There isn’t much explanation needed for this job. Flipping pancakes made from pancake mix is the only ingredient in this pancake-making competition.

Using food coloring in various squeeze bottles with batter, you may begin painting in the frying pan, making the activity more enjoyable and your artwork more vibrant.

Sweet versus Sour

In this game, you’ll have to choose between eating something sweet or hot. This test is more fun when done with a partner.

Squid at the Honeycomb Candy Challenge

In the Netflix program “Squid Game,” the Honeycomb Candy Challenge is a fan favorite.

Making candy is the hardest part. This delicacy, also known as Dalgona candy (recipe here), can be disassembled into its components using a needle or toothpick.

And you only have 10 minutes to do this.

You’re not facing the same punishment as the losers in “Squid Game.”

Food Challenge: Mild vs. Very Hot Flavors

There are two dishes of food available for this task. When compared, one is quite hot, while the other is milder. Every turn, one player chooses one option while the other takes a bite out of the other.

Challenge: Don’t Blow Your Own Horn!

Only one person is required to complete the straightforward Don’t Wipe Your Mouth Challenge. You need to consume messy food without wiping your lips. Sauce-heavy finger foods, like chicken wings or ribs, are ideal for this technique.

The Candy Challenge

This is a blindfolded game in which you must identify the candy you’re eating by its taste. Whoever has a higher percentage of correct answers is the victor.

The Mysterious Beverage Challenge

In the mystery drink challenge, competitors must sip something while keeping their identity a secret.

One option is to have participants try to predict what each taste is.

You may also go with the more fun option, which features a tasty drink and a series of progressively more repulsive alternatives.

Battle of the Healthy and Unhealthy Snacks

This test may be simple or challenging for you, depending on your favorite foods.

The healthy vs. junk food challenge pits two or more people against one another by requiring them to consume only healthy or junk food for a specific time.

Although healthy food may not taste as good as junk food, it will leave you feeling far better than junk food.

The Challenge of Cooking With Only One Color

This test is rather evident, but doing it well is challenging.

Can you make anything delicious using just one color of food?

What Am I Putting in My Mouth?

You should participate with a friend to make this test even more enjoyable.

Occasionally just-food is used, but sometimes inanimate things are also placed in the mouth of a blindfolded participant.

You only need a blindfold to create some hilarious, unscripted moments for YouTube, and getting started couldn’t be simpler.

What to Eat? Let the Person in Front of You Choose

Either utilize the drive-through service or wait in line behind the person in front of you to mimic their order. Who can say? Their flavor might grow on you.

Challenge of the Smoothies

I can’t tell you how likely you will succeed at the smoothie challenge. Unless you obtain a tasty reward, you may have to dash to the nearest garbage can.

Here, you’ll want to take certain items, with half having a pleasant flavor and the other half having a less desirable one. Next, you’ll need to jot down each component on a separate sheet of paper before combining them in a bowl or hat.

Next, players make amazing smoothies by randomly selecting ingredients from the bowl.

Taking part in the challenge requires nothing more than chugging the smoothie. It’s not bad, is it? But if you add salsa to ice cream, things change.

Those of you with weak stomachs, beware!

The Bean Boozled Game

If you’re a lover of Harry Potter, you’ll love the Bean Boozled Challenge, a popular video game on YouTube. Jelly beans with tastes from the Harry Potter series will be presented as a challenge.

To accomplish this challenge, you will need to get a box of Bean Boozled jelly beans, which contains ten normal-tasting beans and ten beans that look just like them but have entirely random and bizarre tastes.

Taste-Testing of Ice Cream

To participate in the Ice Cream Taste Challenge, you must collect various ice cream flavors and put them to a blind taste test.

You win if you correctly identify the tastes.

If you want to increase the ante, you can either have a friend or family member go out and buy a wide variety of ice cream flavors, or you can get creative in the kitchen and make your own.

It’s the Tin-Can-Challenge

One variant of blind-tasting competitions is the Tin Can Challenge.

This one can be put up in no time. Get yourself a bunch of canned goods and peel off the labels.

Now that you can’t tell one can from another, mix them all and have everyone take turns testing out different ones.

The Baby Food Challenge

The Baby Food Challenge is a simple and fast task for you to complete.

You may either pick up a mixed bag of baby food at a supermarket or get a variety pack online.

It is up to you whether you want to accomplish this alone or with others.

Compete as a Hungry Hippo!

In the Hungry Hippo Challenge, contestants try to consume as many sweets as possible under a specific time limit.

Every player continues to collect candy using their mouths, and the winner is determined by who has the most sweets in their bowl or cup at the game’s conclusion.

Known Brand vs. Unknown Brand

Can you distinguish between store-brand and name-brand food items? When the generic brand is selected in place of the name brand, it provides an intriguing twist to the challenge and challenges the participant’s sense of taste.

A Dare With Whipped Cream

One way to complete the “whipped cream challenge” is to stretch one arm and rest a spoonful of whipped cream on top of your hand. You whack your arm, sending the whipped cream flying; you hopefully grab it in your lips.

Because it’s not as simple as you would imagine and because the final resting place may be pretty comical.

The Challenge of the Sugar-Free Haribo Gummy Bears

Haribo gummy bears have a reputation for being a tasty treat, but some customers have had stomach issues after eating sugar-free varieties. It wasn’t significant, but it was enough to start a YouTube challenge fad.

It is a struggle to consume a whole five-pound bag of sugar-free bears made by a German candy manufacturer.


The following YouTube challenges are appropriate for all ages. These challenges are an excellent opportunity for family members of all ages to spend quality time together, whether you’re filming with your siblings, parents, spouse, or even young children.

That Old Fashioned Debate: Who Wore It Best?

Doing this as a game with your sibling(s) is fun! Get dressed like your favorite actor or actress from a recent film and recreate their look. The audience may then vote on who they think looks best!

The Coin Toss Dare – A Wild and Crazy Game

This is an excellent approach to putting yourself out there and accepting a dare. You can quickly cycle jobs across everyone if you have a group of 2-5 people. Choose an extreme challenge to do together, such as “eating a can of cat food.” Then, they must each flip a coin, choosing whether to act as heads or tails. The loser must complete the task.

Uglyfying my Friend

This test needs little explanation. When playing The Sims, do you ever use the “Randomize” option when making a new character? It’s essentially the same.

To make the other person appear terrible, just choose an item of clothing and cosmetics they won’t look well in.

Challenge to Silence

It’s a game where one person controls a remote, and everyone else has to generate as much noise as possible by singing or eating loud foods (like chips). Everyone else must be completely silent when the person in charge of the remote clicks the mute button. You will lose points if you make a sound while the mute button is on.

Applying each other’s makeup

Makeup application on each other is required for this task, which may be done with a friend, sibling, or spouse. The joke will hit home if you team up with someone terrible at applying cosmetics.

Fashion Showdown: Moms vs. Dads

Pose a challenge to your parents and tell them you want them to spend no more than $30 on an outfit for you. Compete with your friends to see who can purchase you the most acceptable gift that reflects your sense of fashion.

Put Yourself to the Test: Be the Last Person to Use WIFI!

Is the internet becoming an addiction for you? With your designated challenge partner, see how long you can go without using the internet.

Just say “No” to every request for 24 Hours

I hope nobody gives you a thousand bucks or invites you to embark on a crazy trip. However, such obstacles are only part of the game. If pushed, how far would you go?

To Spend 24 Hours Confined to a Sibling

How long can you stand to spend with your sibling(s)? Throughout a few hours, this competition might reach a fever pitch.

Competition to Make a Swap in a Drive-Thru

You’ll need a partner for this one. Only one person may drive while the other waits in the rear to place their meal order. In such a case, you’ll need to switch roles before proceeding to the glass panel. It’s not simply difficult to get around the automobile in time but also to throw off the employees’ timing.

The truth-or-dare-challenge

Create a list that contains potentially sensitive or humiliating inquiries. Each player will have to choose a question randomly at the start of their round. It’s a dare; if they don’t answer, they must do something terrible.

Who knows Me Better? Comparing Spouse to a Good Friend

Generate a set of probing inquiries that can only be answered by someone who knows you well. Put your BFF and GF to the test and see who comes out on top. Please tell me the name of your first pet. In middle school, what did your friends call you? Which type of ice cream do you like best? Etc.

A Challenge of Two Truths and a Lie

For this competition, the regulations are straightforward. You and the other player(s) take turns sharing three factual statements and one plausible lie about yourself.

Dare You to Draw While Blindfolded

Easy enough of a problem to solve. Two participants are blindfolded and challenged to create the same image. The one with the best drawing will be declared the winner.

Challenging Yoga poses 

Demonstrate your flexibility and yoga prowess. Find a partner and see who can achieve the most challenging yoga posture.

The Ultimate Love Triangle

The contestants here are other pairs of people. Pick any two-person tasks from YouTube. Find the most compatible team. Exaggerated yoga positions for couples, using each other to inflate a balloon, etc., are just a few examples.

24-hour mimicry of the other’s actions

This competition is fun for any pair, whether it’s brothers and sisters, lovers, or pals. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a day and see how enjoyable (or not) it is to do things you usually wouldn’t.

Youtube challenges you may do on your own

It’s OK to do it alone if you ever find yourself in a situation you can’t see or don’t want a companion. You may take on a wide variety of tests by yourself. You’ll find a selection of our favorites in the list below.

Is This A Good Thing?

This is a good challenge since all it needs is a random act of kindness on your part. Any action of heart counts; from buying someone’s lunch to helping them across the street, simply record yourself doing it and upload the video to YouTube with the hashtag #goodthingchallenge.

Competition for Driving Through a Trick-or-Treat Route

If you want to scare people this Halloween, don’t go door to door asking for treats; try hitting up some drive-thrus in your frightful getup. Reaction videos may be entertaining.

One Hundred Layers of Challenges

This competition may be used for a broad range of topics, most often those associated with fashion and cosmetics. Makeup artists, for instance, may compete in a competition where they had to apply 100 separate layers of product, such as eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, foundation, etc. Seeing the absurd outcomes of your efforts is hilarious.

30-minute Dance Competition

Put your speed to the test by dancing to well-known songs, including Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, to see how quickly you can learn the choreography.

Challenge: Don’t Blink!

Don’t turn away or fast through the nasty videos. A bucket might be helpful to have on hand.

Guess the Film/Game from the Tune

Very elementary. Put your knowledge to the test on the latest in film, video games, and anime. Try to identify the movie by listening just to the score. If you have a geek channel, you should take on this challenge.

One Drawing Daily for 30 Days

This is an excellent test of your creative mettle. Do a daily drawing for a month, but make it something new each time. Don’t be afraid to take your skills to the next level.

Challenge of Appearing in Public While Dressed as Famous People

Put on a classic piece of clothing worn by your favorite celebrity and go to class, church, or the mall. Take a look at how the rest of the people are responding.

Make Your Versions of Instagram Posts by Top Influencers

All you have to do for this challenge is make your Instagram celebrity. Have fun acting as a leader for a day!

Contest of the Thrift Flip

In addition to saving money, this is a fun opportunity to exercise your style. Find something ugly and inexpensive at your local thrift shop. Produce a garment out of it. Constructing an ensemble from several clothes does not require a sewing machine. The two of them combined may be enough.

Solicit Clothes from Complete Strangers

Visit a shopping center and have strangers choose an outfit they believe you’ll enjoy. Try to give them the impression you mean something—possible craziness as a consequence.

Avoiding Discomfort

Give your gut reaction to films that can make you grimace or feel awkward. Maintain as much composure as possible.

The Challenge of Keeping Your Fear In Check

Check out the most horrifying videos on the web and test how long you can keep without screaming. Can you conquer your apprehension?

DIY in 5 Minutes

These sorts of difficulties often arise. Put some how-tos to the test and see what you can produce in that time frame. Make an effort to replicate the outcomes shown on Pinterest.

Sing Any Song You Want!

This is a test for you guitarists and ukulele players out there. Four chords are required (for example, G, C, E minor, and D). Multiple songs need to be crammed in, regardless of whether or not the melodies are compatible. Playing the pieces with a partner and taking turns will provide more significant results.

Take on a Challenging Game 

We have played at least one challenging video game; we’re all thinking about Dark Souls. For this assignment, you’ll need to choose your game’s most challenging difficulty setting. For example, put on a blindfold and lead Link into a difficult dungeon.

Visiting the Worst Known Place

You may take this challenge to the gym, the hair salon, the nail salon, and even the sushi restaurant. See whether the critics are correct by reading the reviews.

 Dollar Store Do-It-Yourself Challenge

Make a charming craft with supplies from the dollar shop. Experiment with your do-it-yourself skills.

Using Another Language for One Whole Day

This is a test for those who are bilingual or multilingual. Have fun interacting with native speakers of other languages as you hone your linguistic abilities.

Funny YouTube Challenges

Videos with a humorous tone tend to do well in terms of both views and subscriptions. Thanks to these fun challenges, your audience will get the laughter they want.

Keep From Laughing

This is more fun with a buddy but may be done alone if necessary. Try to restrain your laughter while watching some humorous material.

The Ultimate Best Friend Test

Put a close friend on the spot by quizzing them on intimate details like their favorite color, movie, first pets, and so on; if they get an answer wrong, they lose a point. A “punishment” system or issues may be used. They were spreading whipped cream over one’s face, etc. Take care to keep the relationship from crumbling.

The Truth or a Drink

During this game, one person poses a “truth or drink” inquiry to the others. A genuine response is required from the player being questioned. Ask them questions and make them drink their booze if they don’t respond.

By No Means Have I

Never Have I Ever is a popular party game in which participants say “never have I ever…” and share something they’ve never done. Everyone in the game following the player’s instructions must now drink.

Idiom Bingo: A Game of Innuendo

Two contestants take their places over a bucket, each holding a full cup of water. Then, they each gulp down a large amount of water while the other participants take turns trying to make them laugh by telling jokes, pulling faces, being goofy, or even just making them gaze at each other.

You win if you’re the last one standing with a mouthful of water. The victor of the two may face an opponent of any kind.

Just say “Yes” to your best buddy for a whole day

How much faith do you put in your pals? The demands of your pals will put you in a position where you can do nothing but comply with their wishes. Sometimes unexpected chaos ensues in a flash!

The Not My Arms Competition

While you watch from behind, someone else will be in your hands as you make something familiar, like painting or cake decorating. Your assistant will be forced to blindly obey your directions without seeing your actions.

The Ultimate Waxing Challenge

Find out how much agony you can take! That’s exactly what it sounds like: a painful waxing task. Visit a salon or buy a waxing kit to try it out at home.

Extreme Yoga Challenge

Do you practice yoga regularly, or are you simply fascinated by its more unusual postures? Do some testing on your own and see what you think! Take the yoga challenge and see how many bizarre poses you can pull off; you can even do this with a partner!

The Whispering Challenge

As the title suggests, this one is for the lovestruck. To participate in the “whisper challenge,” one participant must wear headphones, making it impossible to hear anything while the other attempts to convey a message. It’s very much like a test of vocabulary knowledge.

The Bottle Flip

The water bottle flip challenge has been widely publicized. Furthermore, they are ubiquitous. Bottles are being flipped anywhere they can be found, including homes, schools, and workplaces. To test this theory, just throw a plastic bottle (ideally still containing liquid) into the air and see which way it falls. It’s a lot more fun than it first seems!

Quick Drawing

It’s a good time if you’re an accomplished artist. There is a time limit of around 10 minutes for the speed sketching challenge, during which you must create the most detailed drawing possible. Feel that ten minutes is too long to wait? Try again!

The Challenge of the Lava Floor

Keep your feet off the ground at all costs if you hear the phrase “the floor is lava” because it is molten rock. If you want to see genuine laughs, do this challenge in front of an audience.

Makeup Without a Mirror

Makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts have a common understanding of the challenges inherent in creating the ideal cat eye. Think about how you’d feel if you never had access to a mirror again. Catastrophe. Makeup artists, put your abilities to the test in this insane beauty contest. Delight in the fruits of your labor!

The Challenge of No Thumbs

Your thumbs are duct-taped together, so you can’t use them to accomplish things like opening a bottle, eating crackers, or making a sandwich.

Top 1% of the People Skills

Have you ever mindlessly browsed the internet and seen a headline proclaiming, “Only 1% of the population can do this!” with a video of someone moving their tongue or wriggling their ears? Film yourself attempting a skill only the top 1% of the population has.

 Not to Laugh at These Dad Jokes!

Are you someone who finds humor somewhat quickly? Even the ones about dad? I think you’ll like taking on this test. Two friends get together to swap dad jokes. Anyone who laughs first is sure to come out on the losing end.

Try Not to Sing-Along

Put on some music you like, but resist the urge to sing along. This may be an insurmountable obstacle for some of you.

The Challenge: You Must Refuse to Dance

Like the try not to sing along challenge, but with the added restriction of no dancing! Listen to some upbeat music and see how long you can keep motionless.

The Challenge of Trying Not To Get Angry

Try to maintain your composure while watching movies where individuals blunder through even the most basic chores or when you notice only one tile is out of position.

The Challenge to Keep Singing

Listen to the soundtracks of your favorite films and even if you don’t know the songs, try singing along. Each clip must include captions.

A Dare to Maintain Your Dance Moves

Put up a playlist of tunes, videos, and instructions to help you unwind; you’ll be dancing the entire time.

The Challenge: Say It Backwards

Do you know what “chocolate chip” means when spelled backward? Now is your moment to make a good impression.

The Challenge in 7 Seconds

There is a time limit of seven seconds within which you must respond to a question, accomplish a task, or carry out an activity. The time to think is now!

Inviting Yourself to a Roast

How well do you know yourself and feel comfortable enough to poke fun at your flaws? Roast yourself and see how far you can push your comfort zone!

Just Drop a Line

The game’s rules are as follows: one player says a word, the other displays a comment, and both players have two seconds to answer. One’s face is taped if one repeats an opponent’s phrase or if one takes more than two seconds to speak.

Children’s YouTube Challenges

Nearly nine in ten parents of children aged 5-11 report that their kids often watch YouTube. Therefore, it is crucial to remember the target audience while making videos. Here are a few amusing ones they can participate in!

Disney Challenge

I bet you could identify those Disney classics if I played them for you!

Don’t Raise Your Voice Challenge

Try your best to go through a list of chores without making a peep. The activity should not be complex, ranging from eating a meal to attempting to play a game with no sound at all.

Stop Saying “Wow”

In this exercise, you must refrain from using the word “wow” while watching incredible movies. This may seem straightforward, yet the human subconscious is quite deceptive.

No-Look Challenge

This test requires a minimum of two participants. One player starts by pointing up, down, right, or left; the other must not look in that direction during the game.

The Challenge to Swap Out Your Lunch

This kid-friendly challenge requires either switching up the contents of their lunchbox daily or forcing them to choose one out blind.

Last Man Standing Contest

Gather your loved ones and play a game where the winner is determined by who is still alive at the end. Depending on your level of dedication, this test might last for many hours or perhaps a whole day.

The One Who Leaves the Room Last Wins

The goal is to spend as much time as possible with the most individuals in a single room. The loser is the one who leaves last.

The One Who Breaks the Circle Last Wins

Trace a big, roomy circle so everyone can sit down at once (2-5 players). Before the challenge begins, you may bring in anything you choose. The last person to depart gets a special award.

A Game of “Guess What’s in the Box?”

In this game, you must correctly identify a box’s contents. Your tactile abilities will be evaluated.

Concluding Remarks

To generate original ideas for YouTube videos, I’ve found it helpful to put myself in the creator’s shoes. If you were the only one creating content, what would you make? How would you approach a problem if no one has ever solved it? You may use these inquiries to think of new challenges or to get ideas from existing viral challenges on YouTube.

To increase attention, participation, and audience size, try a challenge! Modify these YouTube competition ideas to suit your needs, and you’ll soon make money off your channel’s videos.


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