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100 YouTube Video Ideas to Help You Go Viral


You have found the ideal site. If you are looking for suggestions for videos, this article benefits you. With over two billion monthly active users and five billion videos viewed daily, YouTube is a profitable area for influencers. It’s a fantastic chance for public figures to expand their fan bases and bank accounts. Below is a more in-depth analysis of YouTube’s user base that should help you understand what it takes to become a successful YouTube influencer

It’s estimated that 500 hours of video are added to YouTube every minute. Do you know what this means for you? There is a lot of competition on YouTube if you want to become an influencer there, no matter what subject you choose or what kind of channel you create.

You may have more difficulty persuading marketers to recruit you as a YouTube influencer if your vehicle it’s true that monetizing your YouTube channel via ads might bring in some cash. The real money for an influencer can be made when brands pay them to promote their goods and services.

For instance, if your YouTube video has around 25,000 views per day, you may expect to make $1,000 to $1,500 each month. With brand sponsorship, though, you may double your monthly income by the thousands (depending on your niche).deos don’t go popular.

Here is how much YouTube stars can expect to make from sponsored posts:

  • Video content with over 500,000 subscribers may earn $3,000-$5,000 for each upload.

Take a look at what one of these influential people does too.

This is why forming a company partnership is essential for a YouTube influencer’s development and success. You have to be pretty excellent at what you do to attract brands. To be successful on YouTube, your videos need to be widely seen, shared, and interacted with.

100 YouTube Video Ideas to Inspire Content Creators

Since most companies now understand that video views are not reliable statistics, they focus instead on creating entertaining videos. You need exciting videos on YouTube to attract viewers and encourage them to take action. The possibilities are endless, from comedic to challenging to prank to opinion films. Here are a hundred of the most-watched videos on YouTube from last year that might be useful for your channel in 2018. Sure, let’s just go right in.

Compilation Videos

To make a compilation video, copy and paste clips from other videos. Find some relevant pieces of media and put them together. These might be compilations of your own channel’s best moments or a collection of clips from any topic you choose.

When you’re at a loss for fresh inspiration, compile some of your best past ideas to use as springboards for new ones. Some fantastic instances are as follows:

Document Your Interesting Experiences

Every opinion leader’s ace in the hole is…the leader! Creating a film about your life or narrative is an uncontested field. It’s a terrific medium for establishing rapport with followers and revealing your background. You may format it like a question-and-answer session or simply disclose some fun information about yourself.

Create a Fail Compilation

A solid fail collection is always well received. They need not depict actual injuries. Comedy may be found in many unexpected places, including “fails” in social and professional settings.

Create Skits of Relatable Situations

We can’t get enough of the quick sketches we see on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Slice-of-life drawings that are universally funny may be put together to make entertaining videos for sharing on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

Bloopers Reel

Nobody can resist a hilarious blunder. One fun approach to using deleted scenes is compiling them into a blooper reel, which is especially fun if you have any of your own from recent recordings. These snippets may be an excellent approach to show off your character and give your audience a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.

Prank Video Compilation

How prankster-y are you, exactly? Or, maybe, you subscribe to YouTubers, who often post videos of practical jokes. Making long prank movies for YouTube is as simple as compiling stuff from Facebook Reels and other similar services. If you want to use someone else’s work, seek their permission first.

Challenge Videos

The Internet is rife with challenge videos. Compiling these entertaining Youtube videos, or a compilation of you taking on various tasks, is guaranteed to gain some views. Challenges range from the ice bucket challenge to the ghost pepper challenge.

Movie Clips

Another simple video concept is a collection of scenes from several films that have some connection to one another. Fair use requires you to include appropriate context, keep clips brief (about 5 seconds), and correctly attribute them.

Short Video Compilation

Have you made several short films that you could upload to TikTok or Instagram Reels? Put them back into circulation as YouTube Minis or a collection of videos.

“Like a Boss” Videos

Typically, collections labeled “Like a Boss” focus on extraordinary athletic exploits, although they may include more socially-oriented activities. The YouTube phenomenon of compiling excellent clips into a single “like a boss” playlist continues to gain momentum.

Oddly Satisfying

To watch one’s efforts bear fruit is satisfying on some primal level. Completing a job, like a skilled craft, knocking down a domino arrangement, or even damaging something may be oddly pleasant and hence the subject of many oddly satisfying films. An excellent method to give fans a dose of serotonin is to compile some of their favorite moments into a single video.

Funny Clips

The Internet is a never-ending well of hilarious material. To make your audience laugh, compile a collection of funny videos or information that is relevant to your audience.

Facts Compilation

YouTube is a fantastic tool for entertainment and education, with a wealth of content ranging from amusing anecdotes to downright shocking realities. An exciting diversion may be found in the visual representation of an essential list of information. You could get a lot of hits if you write about something people find engaging.

Popular Videos

Create videos in any of YouTube’s many popular genres to get exposure and followers. Let’s look at a few instances:

Do a Live Stream

Now that Twitch, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live exist, live streaming has become its subgenre of online video. One such well-liked alternative is Youtube Live. You should start a live broadcast on your channel if you are doing something exciting or if there is an important update that your audience needs to know about immediately.

Create a Short Film

Regarding online video sharing, YouTube is where it’s at. The platform is home to many additional creators and billions of potential viewers. Sharing knowledge and seeing one another’s work is a terrific approach to growing as professionals.

Time-Lapse Videos

The unique viewpoints in time-lapse films make seeing the world around us much more fun. Time-lapse movies are fascinating, whether they depict the development of your garden, the passage of time, or a combination of these factors.

Invite a Guest

The possibilities expand greatly when you have a guest on your channel. This person might be another influencer, a subject matter expert, or a close friend. You might have them on for an interview or simply have them provide unique perspectives to your usual articles.

Your Path to Success

Very few things are as motivating as hearing a tale of triumph. Fans of your YouTube channel will like hearing about your experiences, and you may get new subscribers who can connect to your story.

Make a Haul Video

People who like shopping or collecting the same things as you will enjoy seeing a haul film. Show off a fantastic new addition to your collection or describe what you bought on your most recent shopping trip.

Parody a Different Video

Do you happen to have a video playing on repeat in your head? Even if you have mixed feelings about it, you can always make a parody! One way to have fun with yourself or another artist is to rework an old video and give it a new twist. Expect more likes and shares if people can make the connection to the source material.

Perform a Song Cover

Is music something you enjoy? If this is the case, cover songs have become a game-changer for YouTube’s micro-influencers. Pick a well-known tune that complements your skills and record yourself singing it. It’s possible that the song’s fans, and perhaps record companies, will check it out.

Create a Myth-Busting Video

Is there a common misconception that you find annoying? Do you know the truth behind a widely held myth? If that’s the case, people who have also asked about it are likely to be interested in seeing a film in which the misconception is dispelled.

Record an Unboxing

Both window shoppers and those interested in purchasing the goods will watch unboxing videos. In addition to providing helpful information, unboxing videos may be entertaining to watch.

Explainer Videos

Do you have special knowledge or insight into a particular field? Gaining new fans by elucidating obscure information is an intriguing prospect. It might be something you do for a living, like doing a specific skill you possess. Whatever the situation may be, your explanation should stimulate interest.

ASMR Videos

The acronym “ASMR” refers to the physiological reaction triggered in the sensory meridian systems of the body. This condition may make the back of the head, neck, and spine tingly. Calming voices, rhythmic noises, or even music have been shown to have an effect. To attract new followers, you should make a video that induces an ASMR reaction in the audience.

Do a Weird Experiment

Strange experiments often keep viewers guessing, whether they want to know the conclusion or are simply curious. Is it flammable? Cause you to feel ill? Do you want to avoid wasting time? There’s just one way to find out.

Record Your Reaction

The popularity of reaction videos has exploded. Add a video of yourself reacting to anything you see, whether it is a movie teaser, a video game, or a discussion.

What’s in My Bag?

And just what is it that you have in your luggage, exactly? What kind of bag is it, too? You and your admirers will be interested in what strange items you carry in your purse or travel bag.

What’s on My Phone?

The more advanced our mobile devices get, the more apps and extras we keep on them. You may share the applications you can’t live without or the unusual photos you took but can’t place in your overstuffed photo library.

Q&A Videos

With YouTube Live, broadcasters may go live anytime they choose. Many YouTube stars might benefit from more followers and interaction using this function. It’s high time you started streaming live. As a bonus, you can use this strategy to make your answer video stand out from the crowd. When can you expect a live stream? Live streaming may cover a wide range of subjects, but few have the potential for viral video content as questions and answers do. Even if a person isn’t subscribed to your newsletter, the idea of being able to contact an influencer and ask them anything is appealing.

What is the procedure? Users may pose queries via the live broadcast, and you can respond immediately. With a YouTube Live video, your viewers may interact with you and each other in real-time. To become a successful YouTube influencer, you need a large and engaged subscriber base, which helps you achieve that goal. Videos of video games may also benefit significantly from live broadcasting. Several developers now combine live Q&A sessions with gameplay to maximize viewer interest.

Do a 30-Day Challenge.

A thirty-day challenge, for better or worse, is always entertaining to observe. You could be making an effort to eat better, or you might be living off of fast food. A daily workout or staying in bed all day. Anyway, tell us about it!

Do Something Outrageous

Have you ever been described as a daredevil? It’s impossible to count the number of ridiculous videos available online. If possible, the crazier, the better. Make sure to document any ridiculous experiences, whether trying new foods or taking on insane challenges.

Create a Comedy Skit

Can you laugh at yourself? Create comedy sketches if you have a knack for making others laugh. Getting people to laugh is a sure way to get attention online.

Current News

NEWS FLASH: YouTubers are avid students, eager to absorb any information they can get their hands on, whether it is related to their favorite topics or the day’s global events.

Useless Skills

Have you ever been told that you have a peculiar talent? Not much may have changed in your day-to-day existence, but your YouTube channel may benefit greatly!

Remake Old Videos

In Hollywood, remakes and reboots are now hot commodities. They’re adaptable enough to use on any website! Sometimes you may turn to the past for inspiration for future material, whether you’re making a “then and now” or a recreation of your first video.

Get Your Viewers to Challenge You

Need a challenge but can’t think of what to do? They make up a sizable portion of your fandom. You may set it up like a game of “truth or dare,” or you can just ask for challenge proposals and randomly choose participants.

Attempt to Follow Instructional Videos

There are several tutorials available on YouTube. There are some excellent ones and others that are… not so good. Do your readers a favor and recommend a how-to video you found helpful if they are also looking for guidance in this area. Try out the odd one and see what happens if you discover it!

Audience Participation

Having guests on your channel is a simple way to add content. Invite everyone you can think of, even if you’re deciding who to invite. You may do a video chat, have them come in person, or have them provide input on what they’d want to see in the future. Subscribers would appreciate the opportunity to share their content on your channel.

Trying Things for the First Time

Everything has its first time, and the consequences are usually rather funny. What advice would you give someone attempting something for the first time?

Tutorial Videos

How skilled are you at constructing, mending, or performing this activity? Put your skills to use and come up with informative and interesting articles!

DIY YouTube Videos

You may find several “Do It Yourself” tutorials on YouTube. Many individuals have avoided spending unnecessary money using YouTube to acquire new skills. Do-it-yourself videos, whether about auto repair, home improvement, or a simple craft, may boost the popularity of your channel.

Makeup Tutorials

Do you do makeup professionally? Do people always comment on how great you look whenever you go out? If that’s the case, you should start a channel and upload your daily routine. Promoting cosmetics is one of the most fruitful ways for an influencer to make money.

Exercise Routine Video

Is there a specific time you work out each week that you look forward to? Not many people do! If you believe your training routines help others, feel free to upload them to your channel.

Yoga Tutorial

How zen-like are you in your yoga practice? As a kind of physical activity, yoga has many fans. New subscribers may be attracted and kept by providing them with direction during sessions. Make sure to document your inexperience with yoga as well. Possibly humorous!

Music Lesson

The ability to learn music is yet another helpful talent that may be acquired via YouTube. You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on classes if you have the resources to study at home. If you have skills with a musical instrument, I encourage you to provide instructional videos on your channel to help others improve.

Do Magic Tricks

Magic is a universally well-received Art form. Magic trick recordings may make for entertaining uploads, whether for practice or performance. They have both pedagogical and recreational uses.

Cooking tutorial

Do you cook or like eating? If you are passionate about cooking, why not upload some of your best recipes on YouTube? Having a visual aid might be helpful and can also make your followers hungry for more.

Home Remedies

When feeling under the weather, it’s not always desirable to go out of your way to pick up some medication. Do you have any effective home cures that you can share with your audience? Perfect for those times when you need to get something online but are too unwell to do it.

How-to Video

There are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube. Make a video if you have a lot of experience with a subject or can provide helpful advice.

Software Tutorial

There’s not a single person alive who has never experienced computer problems. The only way to master something is through hands-on experience rather than just book learning. Fixing computer problems with the help of a video walkthrough is a great idea. Including them on your channel can benefit quite a few viewers (and get you lots of likes and views).

Sports Tutorial

No substitute exists for playing on a court, field, or rink, but sometimes that isn’t possible. YouTube tutorials are great if you want to improve your golf swing in the winter or slapshot in the comfort of your home. Put up some videos showing off your athletic abilities.

Teach a Professional Skill

There is a vast array of career paths and expertise available. Sharing a skill you’ve developed in the course of your work can be helpful to readers in a variety of situations.

Math Tutorials

To put it bluntly, not everyone is a math nerd. In a fortunate turn of events, there are several strategies one might use while tackling a mathematical challenge. The methods used in schools are not always simple to understand. If you’re skilled at arithmetic, you can consider making a YouTube video to share your strategies with curious students.

Nail Polish and Care Tutorial

Nail care items, like cosmetics, are an excellent place for influencers to have an impact. If you have mastered the Art of manicures and pedicures and want to show off your skills to the world, you may start a channel dedicated to your nail Art. Sponsoring product demonstrations is a win-win for both the brand and the influencer.

Lifestyle Videos

Being a YouTube influencer means revealing bits and pieces of yourself to your audience, which is both rewarding and entertaining. This might be something reflective, or it can be something linked to your passions and interests. In any case, YOU are a vital part of what you’re producing.

Do an Introduction

The standard opening The first stop for every video creator should be YouTube. When you’ve reached a certain level of success and have a large subscriber base, it’s easy to lose sight of what your consumers want: a deep relationship with you.

The success of YouTube influencers depends on this; therefore, pay close attention to this suggestion for viral video material on YouTube. Seven in 10 individuals prefer more targeted advertisements, according to the study. People place a premium on The standard opening. The first stop for every video creator should be YouTube. When you’ve reached a certain level of success and have a large subscriber base, it’s easy to lose sight of what your consumers want: a deep relationship with you.

The success of YouTube influencers depends on this. Therefore pay close attention to this suggestion for viral video material on YouTube. Seven in 10 individuals prefer more targeted advertisements, according to the study. People place a premium on The standard opening. The first stop for every video creator should be YouTube. When you’ve reached a certain level of success and have a large subscriber base, it’s easy to lose sight of what your consumers want: a deep relationship with you.

The success of YouTube influencers depends on this. Therefore pay close attention to this suggestion for viral video material on YouTube. Seven in 10 individuals prefer more targeted advertisements, according to the study. People place a premium on

Discuss Your Hobbies

Please pay special attention to this recommendation for viral video content on YouTube since it is crucial to the success of YouTube influencers. According to the survey, seven out of ten people would rather see ads that are relevant to them specifically. Considerable value is placed on

Give a Studio/Room Tour

A fantastic method to build rapport with your audience is to show them inside the space where you do most of your work. If you’re stuck on what to write next, use this tactic.

Travel Vlog

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “travel blogger,” capturing your adventures on video is a great way to remember the trip. Many people are motivated to take vacations after reading about someone else’s travels.

Your Morning Routine

Sharing your daily ritual is a fantastic technique to get closer to your audience and make them feel more connected to you. A slice of your life is all your followers want, so don’t stress if the material isn’t exciting.

Fashion Trends

Show off your sense of style by informing your readers of the latest developments in clothing and accessories. They’ll admire your skills and learn from your advice.

Celebrity Lifestyle

Many individuals, including those who aren’t suited for a job in social media, are curious about what it’s like to live the influencer’s life. Those who aren’t interested in your typical 9-to-5 may be pleasantly surprised to learn how your life differs from the usual.

Discuss Your Career

Whether you earn enough money to be a full-time influencer on YouTube or still have to go to work every day, sharing your story may motivate others. They might need a new outlook or are just curious, so why not provide it?

Give a Tour of Your City

Inviting visitors on a guided tour of your city is like giving them a taste of what it must be like to live there. A glimpse into a foreign land like this might pique someone’s interest in traveling there, or it could just pique their curiosity.

Wardrobe Tour

Do you have a walk-in closet or signature looks that you often wear in your videos? Giving your followers a glimpse behind the scenes and displaying your favorite wardrobe items is as simple as taking them on a wardrobe tour.

Start a vlog

Video blogs, or vlogs, are collections of short videos that tell a story. You, your pet, or your hobby may serve as examples. Vlog about it if you have too much content for a single video to share.

Show off a collection.

To some extent, we’re all collectors. Displaying your collection, whether it is baseball cards or fossils, is sure to please your audience, particularly if they also share your passion.

Talk About your Favorite TV Shows

Everyone is always looking for fresh show suggestions to add to their queue. Showcase your favorite shows or recommend a series everyone should see on your channel.

Skincare Routine

Producing a video outlining how you cleanse, moisturize, and treat your skin is a terrific way to add a personal touch to your content and showcase your favorite skincare items. Brand collaborations may benefit significantly from this scenario.

Outfit or Face of the Day

An excellent topic for content creation is one’s everyday attire or cosmetics routine. A short movie documenting your outfit of the day is simple to produce and may be used as the basis for a beautiful compilation video in the future.

Quick Tips

During the day, do you have any fast advice that might aid your audience? Is there a secret to sparkling tile in the shower or a more efficient method of brewing espresso? Simple advice may help keep you in your viewers’ thoughts and can be easily included in your channel’s content.

Holiday Video

In what exciting ways do you intend to spend the holidays?! A joyous and festive method to connect with your audience is to celebrate with them and share your customs.

Daily Routine

Sharing your typical routine is a lighthearted approach to getting to know your audience. It would be interesting for your followers to see if you often go to the same café, work out, and then go to the office.

Memory Videos

Memories videos are a great way to show your viewers how far you’ve gone as a person and as a YouTuber, whether you’re talking about an experience from your past or going back to older videos.

Share Your Playlist

New song suggestions are always welcome. Share some music videos or tips on your channel if you’ve just discovered a new band you like or have a few tried-and-true favorites.

Complete Your Bucket List

Bucket lists are intriguing because of how unique each one is. If you have a bucket list or are about to cross an item off, be sure to document the event on your channel.

Gaming Videos

The global video gaming market is now more significant than the film and music industries. PewDiePie and other gaming YouTube stars have shown us how lucrative it can be to document our gaming experiences online.

Some suggestions to get you thinking:

Live stream a game

Twitch made a fortune in the previous decade by popularizing the practice of live-streaming video games; in 2016, the company earned over $2.5 billion. Although Twitch has become the de facto standard for broadcasting video games in real-time, YouTube has gained significant traction as well.

Gaming news

Gamers, like followers of other forms of cutting-edge technology, like learning everything they can about developments in their favorite pastime. The gaming business is massive, so it’s not hard to locate reports on the latest games, developer acquisitions, and speculations. Keeping an ear to the ground and adapting content from established media like news sites and press releases may be a successful tactic.

Game Hacks

Every year, the homebrewing and modification subcultures expand their reach. Fans of earlier generations of games and hardware fight to keep them alive via unauthorized hacks and support when newer generations are released. Some people try to alter freshly published games using the developer tools made available simultaneously. These groups enrich games with additional features, enhancements, and alterations created by their members.

Interview Gamers

Videos often include interviews since they are so popular. Find people to interview who have intriguing or unusual stories to tell. Perhaps they have the highest score in the game, were the first to complete a difficult task, or are part of a rare demographic, such as the Gamer Grandma.

Gaming tutorials

Video game lessons have become a widely consumed content type. Players of all skill levels like seeing professionals play games, so it seems that instructional videos would be popular.

Start a walkthrough

Walkthroughs are a frequent video game material on YouTube alongside tutorials. Simply searching for “game name walkthrough” will provide relevant results. A few different types of individuals could benefit from watching a walkthrough: gamers who are stuck and need assistance, potential buyers, and those who would rather watch a game being played than actually play it themselves.

Do a Speedrun

Although speed runs have been around for a while, they have recently seen a surge in interest. A speedrun is an effort to complete a game in the shortest amount of time feasible. Many varieties exist, each governed by its own set of specific guidelines, for example:

  • 100% RUNS
  • The quickest way to the end credits

Check out the speedrunning scene for the game you’re skilled at to see if you believe you can hold your own. You may find some incredible speedrun videos on YouTube that have gained a large following.

Anticipated Games List

Undoubtedly, information about forthcoming releases is one of the most sought-after gaming news. Making videos featuring news, rumors, and previews of future titles may get a lot of attention, especially during the summer and holiday seasons, when new games are often released to the gaming community.

Speculate About Future Updates and Releases

Alterations to previously released games may be just as exciting as brand-new entries. With the increasing popularity of the “games as a service” model, games may undergo dramatic evolutions during their lifetime. Fans of these games are curious about what new features and releases may be on the horizon.

Gaming Trivia

There are some dedicated gamers out there. Trivia is a great way to have fun while learning new topics and testing your knowledge, especially for those who are already experts in a particular field, such as dedicated fans of a series or people who have completed their favorite game several times. Trivia videos are a great content idea if you consider yourself an authority on a particular game or series.

Play worst-reviewed games

Sometimes it can be hard to compete with the flood of content that comes with popular new releases. A fun way to mix it up and avoid the competition is by playing bad games! These can be underappreciated gems that the mainstream crowd has missed or just genuinely terrible games where you talk about the humorous amount of flaws as you struggle through an unpopular match.

Game Commentary Video

Adding a personal commentary over pre-existing footage is a fantastic way to make it your own. Adding comments to an existing clip, trailer, or famous video may be a great way to put your unique take on an already established topic.

Make A Machinima

Machinima is short video content created for video games. Let me be clear: this is not a film about video games; instead, it is an animated tale set inside a video game engine, the Red against. Blue series is a well-known example; it combines gameplay footage from the Halo video games with satirical voiceovers to produce humorous shorts.

Make a Game Real-Life Video

The gaming principles may be applied to real life with the help of a real-life game video. By superimposing an image or providing helpful hints, you may illustrate how adopting a gamer’s attitude has benefited you in the real world—excellent use of real-world video game elements; bonus points.

Make Gameplay reaction videos.

Similar to game commentary videos, video reaction videos include an audio or video recording of the player reacting to a trailer or other video game clip. Share your thoughts on the video and record your response on camera, whether you’re giddy about a new release or frightened of a horror game.

Review Videos

If you want to make great YouTube videos, you need to get your hands on the newest gadgets and try them out for yourself. Creating product review videos may help you build a following and a reputation as an authority in your niche on YouTube. Help prospective customers make informed purchases by sharing your expertise.

Makeup and clothing reviews are also popular topics for YouTubers who aren’t interested in the IT industry. If you like making instructional videos, you may videotape yourself, try out new cosmetics or accessories, and share your thoughts with your audience.

Review a Book

Just imagine this as your private book club. Video reviews might be beneficial if you’ve read a lot of recent titles or have read a book you think others would appreciate. It’s common for people to want to know whether other people felt the same way about a book they read as they did. You must be cautious not to give too much away!

Review a Movie

Do you consider yourself a movie buff? Do some movie reviews for your channel if you’re the kind to see new releases on opening night or seek out obscure gems that haven’t made it big elsewhere. A list of your favorite films is entertaining material, even if it isn’t what you often post.

Review a Product

An enormous subset of videos on YouTube is dedicated to reviewing various products. While some influencers dabble in unpacking and product review videos, others make it their life’s work to do nothing but that. To be successful, most businesses focus on one particular area, such as computer hardware or children’s playthings. Visual demonstrations on film may be pretty helpful for a more thorough understanding of a product’s functions. Items like home appliances and sports gear are ideal examples.

Game review

Reviews are a valuable resource for gamers looking to make a buying decision. You may zero down on indoor or outdoor activities, or play video games or board games. To assist people in making a well-informed choice, it’s crucial to demonstrate how the game works and to highlight its advantages and disadvantages. With over two billion monthly active users and five billion videos viewed daily, YouTube is a profitable area for influencers. It’s a fantastic chance for public figures to expand their fan bases and bank accounts. Below is a more in-depth analysis of YouTube’s user base that should help you understand what it takes to become successful.

Tech Review

Similarly, many individuals look forward to the release of new technological advances. Creating a review demonstrating the latest features and functionality of the most cutting-edge technology is an excellent approach to getting exposure and encouraging others to buy the product.

Compare Two Products

Direct comparisons between two products may be quite helpful in guiding viewers toward a final buying decision. It might be the newest models, from video game systems and cellphones to automobiles and apparel labels. Simply compare and contrast the two alternatives you’ve chosen and provide your verdict on which one is superior.

Review Beauty Products

There is a lot of activity in the beauty product niche among influencers. YouTube cosmetic tutorials and review channels have exploded in popularity because these products lend themselves well to the visual demonstration. Sharing your knowledge via video reviews may be pretty successful if you have a favorite brand of beauty products and are very adept at using them.

Vehicle Review

As a result of the substantial investment required, many consumers spend considerable time investigating all of their options before settling on a new car. Sharing your preferences with those attempting to decide between many different brands and models may be a massive help if you are passionate about your automobile or have access to numerous.

Food Review

While Instagram and Twitter are more likely to include food selfies, Youtube is great for finding cooking instructions and local restaurant suggestions, making a video about your favorite food, and explaining why it’s so good and how to obtain or cook it for your audience hungry.

Restaurant Review

Everybody enjoys a delicious meal. Foodies will devour your movies whether you reveal the tastiest dish at a far-flung restaurant chain or the hidden hole-in-the-wall that delivers the best meal in town.

Share Your YouTube Videos With The World

To build an influential following, YouTube is where you need to be. Informativespace may provide you with extra guidance, personal assistance, and even sponsorship connections if you are on the path to becoming an influencer.

You won’t be short of options if you are trying to develop new material for your YouTube channel. While not every single one of these innovative video concepts will work for every influencer, I am sure that at least some will spark ideas for brand-new videos that your audience will like.


There are 100 youtube video ideas in this article that are very helpful for you to go viral videos. You have found the ideal site; this article is beneficial if you are looking for suggestions for videos. These 100 video ideas are (Compilation Videos, document your enjoyable experience, Make Gameplay reaction videos, reviewing videos, Share Your YouTube Videos With The World, Game reviews, reviewing products, reviewing vehicles, checking food, reviewing restraints, starting Livestream of gaming, Make Gameplay reaction videos, Exercise routine videos, makeup videos and each a professional skill, math tutorial), etc.



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