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5 Dumb Things People Do to Get More YouTube Views


One of the most popular search engines online, YouTube is second only to its parent corporation, Google. As the most popular video-sharing website, YouTubers often use unconventional methods to monetize their content. Some of these strategies are so out of the ordinary that they cost you financially and emotionally.

Not all optimization strategies for making money from a YouTube channel are created equal. The usual method of making money on YouTube is to upload high-quality material regularly, interact with your audience, build your subscriber count and view time, and then join the YouTube Partner Program.

If you’re a YouTube partner, you may use the platform’s advertising and merchandising tools, Super Stickers, and other monetization capabilities to generate income. The requirements for Partner eligibility are stringent, and many content producers aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to wait until they’re qualified.

In pursuing financial success, some YouTubers have been known to resort to questionable means. There is a fine line between enjoyment and punishment when it comes to the pursuit of more significant and rapid fan bases. To use underhanded or unethical methods is to breach a boundary. There is a correct method and a lousy way to go about becoming a YouTube influencer and making money off of YouTube’s advertising revenue. What you should not do is as follows.

Purchasing YouTube Subscribers

This is the single most naive error made by up-and-coming YouTubers. They falsely inflate their subscriber numbers to satisfy YouTube Partner standards and secure a sponsorship arrangements with businesses. This “trick” for increasing followers on social media nearly never works, yet it’s still widely used (mainly on Instagram).

While boosting your channel’s popularity is possible by purchasing YouTube subscribers, doing so is a waste of money. To make matters worse, let’s say you buy 1,000 followers, but your view count stays the same. Your interaction rate will decline, and people will wonder why you suddenly gained so many new followers.

The satisfaction from this kind of quick fix seldom lasts. You’ve decided to buy a thousand fans. So what? When people start following you, it seems like your popularity will skyrocket before leveling out. How often will subscription purchases need to be made to ensure continuity? To what extent do your subscribers affect the number of individuals who view your videos? No, it does not.

Spend your money on Google Ads to advertise your channel and on YouTube SEO to raise it in the search results instead of paying for subscribers.

Comment Spam

As a regular YouTube viewer, you’ve probably noticed that users often link to other videos or websites in their comments. There are several problems with this strategy. It’s against YouTube’s rules, for one thing.

If you leave the same analysis on many videos, your channel will be flagged as spam. In addition, YouTubers are a vocal bunch, so if they notice a remark that doesn’t add anything to the conversation, they’re likely to flag it. Furthermore, the channel owner may file a complaint and remove the content.

To get true fans by piggybacking on the viewers of related channels, be sincere in your responses to their videos and comments. You may even invite them to check out your page and indicate that you’re doing something similar. Establishing credibility with other channels before asking their viewers to yours is a great approach.

Troll Other Users’ Accounts

While trolling and spamming have many similarities, their motivations are quite different. Spammers aim to distract their targets, whereas “trolls” want to enrage them—trolls like the spotlight and euphoria that comes from wreaking havoc on others’ routines. To increase their videos’ views, some YouTubers may troll other channels and discussion boards.

The jaded viewers from the punchline may visit your channel to vent their frustrations, but at least your video is being seen. Right? No. As far as YouTube is concerned, “any publicity is bad press.” Since then, YouTube has tightened its regulations and made reporting and removing trolls easier.

Viewing One’s Commercials

You can make money by viewing your movies and advertising, but only if you’re doing it out of curiosity rather than obligation. Ads play a crucial role in YouTube’s revenue system, and your ad settings and structure will also have an impact. Some advertisements only pay the YouTuber if the viewer clicks on the ad, while others pay regardless of how long the ad is seen.

To increase their ad earnings, many YouTubers will repeatedly view the advertisements in their videos. You’re making a (very) fundamental error here. If YouTube sees an unusual number of ad clicks being made, it will launch a manual inquiry into the IP address (or addresses) linked with your views.

If you tried to trick YouTube’s system by, for example, having a third-party service see your ad hundreds of times from various IP addresses, YouTube would still need to look into the cause of the increase. If you try to receive payment this way, your account will be closed immediately.

Negatively and Aimlessly “Roast”

There’s a certain kind of comedy called “roasting,” and it’s meant to poke fun at a person or institution. In the last ten years, roasting has grown in popularity and acceptance, so the joke’s target is usually OK with it. However, several YouTubers have gone too far with this trend. Why? Said that audiences love drama.

One of the most notable instances is James Jackson, better known as “Onision” on YouTube. Hundreds of thousands of people watched videos where Onision made fun of other YouTubers with mental and eating issues. For a long time, Onision’s outrageous YouTube sketches that tormented actual people brought him substantial and reliable revenue.

After some deliberation, YouTube decided to let Onision maintain his page so long as he de-monetized his channel and complied with current YouTube policies (particularly those about harassment and discrimination).

Similar YouTubers who engaged in harassment and abuse to increase their views faced the same repercussions. Ask yourself, “Will this person(s) laugh at this, too?” to determine whether your jokes are appropriate.

Dangers Outweigh the Benefits

YouTube is sophisticated, so they’ll likely catch on if you try to trick them (even if it takes them a while). Many people expect results immediately, yet, any YouTuber who has made a significant amount of money will tell you that it takes some time to see results. The most successful channels on YouTube achieved their financial success by legal and ethical means within YouTube’s restrictions. Take the long (and challenging) route rather than trying to take the short (and easy) one. If you put in the effort, the payoff at the top will be more significant.



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