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Best Strategies & Ideas on How to Make YouTube Shorts


You only need a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the YouTube app to reach a wider audience. You may make or view YouTube Shorts, which are vertical, short-form videos, on YouTube.

Some of how your Shorts may be improved include via the use of video segmenting, app-based recording, and audio overlays. The duration of a short film should be no more than 60 seconds, and unlike Instagram Reels or Snapchats, it will be accessible to viewers forever.

Do you have a Gen Z audience and promote using video? Do you find that millennials make up a significant portion of your clientele? You’re probably rushing to use YouTube Shorts before you lose your following to TikTok because of the shorter attention spans of today’s youth.

For its part, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts as a direct reaction to the popularity of the rival app TikTok, which attracts users with entertaining and quick-viewing videos. More than two billion people use YouTube every month, and that’s when they introduced Shorts.

Perhaps YouTube Shorts is the next big thing after TikTok, and it might be a great place to share entertaining, short movies with your YouTube subscribers and other audiences. YouTubers who want to make money need to be aware of the constantly shifting preferences of viewers, and the current selection is for ever-tinier clips.

The attention spans of younger people are becoming shorter and shorter. Hence there is a growing market for short movies. Young people nowadays want digestible material that can be consumed quickly and easily. This is especially apparent in shorter forms of media such as Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, and other social media videos.

Important YouTube Shorts Statistics

See below for a breakdown of several key metrics that can aid you in making engaging YouTube shorts:

  • More than 70 percent of all YouTube viewing time is logged on mobile devices.
  • The average length of a YouTube video is over 15 seconds.
  • You may get a cut of $100,000,000 from YouTube’s YOUTUBE SHORTS FUND, which is specifically designed to help content creators.
  • Short videos uploaded to YouTube may be used to attract new subscribers.

You should immediately get started with YouTube Shorts if you’re serious about effectively reaching younger generations. In this article, we’ll go over some guidelines for creating YouTube Shorts, some inspiration for new YouTube Shorts, and some recommendations for what to do while making a short video.

Steps to Create a YouTube Short

You must be logged into the YouTube mobile app using your YouTube credentials to make Shorts. Then just do what’s outlined below:

Step 1: Select the “+” button. Select “Short” when creating a new symbol.

Step 2: When you first load the website, the camera will count down from 15 seconds. You may double the time to 60 seconds by tapping that.

Step 3: “Flip” allows you to alternate between using the front and back cameras while recording.

Step 4: By clicking “Speed,” you may adjust the playback speed from 0.3x to 3x.

Step 5: Use the “Timer” button to set a timer for anything between three and twenty seconds, allowing you to record without holding the device.

Step 6: Select suitable filters to spice up your recording.

Step 7: Choose the “Green Screen” option to insert a new backdrop picture if you’d prefer a more interesting one.

Step 8: To start recording, just hit the record button; a second tap will stop the camera.

Step 9: Click the checkbox to preview your video before publishing it. Additional filters, text, and music may be added if desired.

Step 10: First, come up with a catchy title using no more than 100 characters; secondly, adjust the parameters; last, use the hashtag #shorts to increase interaction; and finally, upload.

Et voilà! You’re prepared to jam with today’s youth.

Requirements for YouTube Shorts

The following criteria must be met for your YouTube Shorts to be accepted:

  • YouTube ads have a time limit of 60 seconds or less.
  • The video might be 60 seconds long in one take or many 15-second clips edited together.
  • You may use music or sound effects from another video or YouTube’s library, but only for a maximum of 15 seconds on your own.

Using the “Shorts Camera”

The default recording time for the “Shorts camera” is 15 seconds. This implies that you can shoot 15-second long clips with the Shorts camera. The timer function serves as a gentle encouragement to go swiftly. However, a maximum of 60 seconds of video may be created by looping together many 15-second frames.

Then, you may customize the movie further by adding audio tracks, slowing down or speeding up the footage, and writing clever captions.

Ideas for YouTube Shorts

It might be intimidating to think about getting your brand’s message through in only 60 seconds. You won’t have much room for error while making Shorts if you only have that much time.

Shorts may take longer to produce than lengthier pieces of material, which is ironic, given how challenging it can be to get your point through in such a condensed format. Remember to keep your Shorts focused on just one concept. Don’t overcomplicate things; keep things straightforward. Your video clip, no matter how little, should read like a full tale if you want to achieve your goals of entertaining, educating, or motivating your audience. Figure out what feeling you want your audience to experience. Here are some suggestions for Shorts:

  • Show off your eye-catching visuals here.
  • Optimize a high-performing blog post by repurposing its content into a concise video.
  • If you want your content to become viral, give your viewers advice they can’t help but spread.

Whatever you come up with, be sure it can be conveyed in a minute or less. Make something original that others want to see, discuss, and spread. Don’t utilize your Shorts film as a teaser for your main channel’s lengthier content. There will then be unnecessary duplication. Instead, focus on providing value to your audience through takeaways from your video segments. Create unique meanings for each of your Shorts.

Tips for Creating Better Shorts

It would be best if you stood out from the sea of entertaining videos that are all fighting for the attention of your demographic. To make your Shorts stand out from the crowd, you need to provide short and impressive material. Here are some tips for making the most of your Shorts:

Create a Catchy Title

Every Short should have its own catchy and concise title. Catchy and intriguing headlines are the first step in attracting a large audience and receiving many clicks and views. Because, after all, the name of your Shorts already reveals its subject matter to the audience. Don’t forget to label your posts with #shorts! In addition, avoiding clickbait is a good idea since it might have the opposite effect you intended.

Write a Compelling Video Description

Writing a description for your video that is both informative and engaging is a beautiful approach to increasing the likelihood that your viewers will watch it all the way through. Some viewers like to read plot summaries before committing to watching a video in its entirety. Popular videos almost always include excellent video descriptions that enrich the viewing experience.

Utilize YouTube Shorts Editing Features

Filters, typography, and earworm music make YouTube shorts more appealing to channel visitors. More time and care placed into your Shorts material usually results in more significant results; just don’t go crazy.

If you have YouTube Shorts that stand out from the crowd, you’ll attract more views and, perhaps, subscribers.

Use Custom Thumbnails

In addition to the Shorts page, your content will appear in users’ feeds. As a result, you should ensure that each of your short videos has its own high-quality, unique thumbnail. Create attention-grabbing thumbnails that encourage people to click.

We’ve carefully selected various engaging and brief content to keep readers engaged and scrolling. However, a compelling call to action may still engage visitors and draw them into your company. Pin this call to action at the top of the comments section for quick reference.

Optimize Stories

You may get more exposure for your Shorts if you include them prominently in your Stories. Within the narrative, make sure to encourage viewers to subscribe and enable notifications. It’s a good idea to ask for feedback and reply to readers’ comments to increase interaction.

Strive for Consistency

It’s essential to be consistent with your Shorts posts, just like you would be on any other social networking channel. Results may be lacking if you just publish one Short every month. Make a plan for each week and stick to it. How often you need to do anything depends on your final aim. Above and beyond that, maintain a consistently high-quality standard in your work.

No Time Like the Present to Start Making YouTube Shorts!

There is no better way to learn how to utilize Shorts than to get in and experiment with them. Create some practice clips and see how it all pans out. You can start working on your first public Short whenever you’re ready.

A terrific low-cost video marketing tactic is making YouTube shorts for your channel’s followers. It’s alright if you have no idea how to begin! To paraphrase a famous saying, we’ve got your back. Get started on your way to YouTube fame by signing up with Informativespace.

Have a prosperous and short year!


How to Make YouTube Skits: The Best Strategies & Ideas is a collection of helpful hints and advice on the subject. Here are some guidelines for making your own YouTube videos. Use a custom thumbnail and optimize your narrative; this post covers all the essentials you need to know to make a successful YouTube short. Using these tools and techniques, you may create a high-quality video for uploading to YouTube.



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