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Finding Social Media Influencers to Gain Instagram Followers For Your Brand


Social media influencers are respected in their field, have a large online following, and can encourage others to follow their advice.

Someone who has become well-known for their contributions to a specific field on Instagram is said to be an “Instagram influencer.” What they do for your company is like having an advocate in the public eye.

In their respective fields, you may compare them to Instagram stars. They’ll gladly spread the word about your product to their followers, whether for monetary compensation, freebies, or exclusive access.

A brand’s Instagram following may be boosted with engaging content, shared regularly, and seen by individuals who are already interested in that area.

There are many types of influencers according to their niche, as follows.

  • Mega _Influencers
  • Macro_ influencers
  • Micro-influencers
  • Nano_ influencer

These people have a lot of sway in a particular field. Typically, Mega_ influ_ enters are well-known public figures. A less actual impact is a typical result of these influencers’ lack of competence in a particular field. The macro influencers are superior to the mega influencers since their social media platforms have 40,000 and 1,000,000 followers and are more readily available to marketers.

Because they are so convenient and commonplace, Micro-influencers have gained widespread popularity. Between one thousand and forty thousand users may be found on a single social networking site. Nano-influencers don’t have much clout since they are new and have less than 1,000 followers.

But with a wide range of brand promotions, how can you get the attention of your target market?

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Brands’ social media marketing efforts on Instagram are doomed. Why? Customers on Instagram are likely to be wary of brand postings. An illustration from Harley Davidson.

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The previous Instagram post had 1.1% interaction. This is far lower than the average engagement rate marketers need to achieve on Instagram to be successful with the social media platform.

This may explain why the once-dominant firm is having difficulty appealing to the modern.

So, how can businesses of all sizes increase their presence on Instagram and attract a larger audience? Influencer advertising, to wit. n riders.

There’s little doubt that you’ve heard of “influencer marketing” before. But how have you incorporated it into the larger marketing plan for your brand?

Have you worked with reputable Instagram users to promote your brand? Is it hard to track down those who have a lot of influence on social media? Did you team up with an industry-leading social media influencer network like Informativespace?

In some instances, it may be challenging to respond satisfactorily to concerns of this kind.

The topic “How can my brand obtain Instagram followers?” has the potential to be worth a million dollars. Therefore we gathered our best social media influencer platform experts in a room to find a solution.

In that case, let’s just jump right in!

What do we mean when we talk about social media influencers?

People widely recognized as authorities on a certain subject are called “influencers” in the realm of social media influencers. They have a significant, devoted following because of their consistent postings on the subject on their favorite social media platforms. In the context of social media, an “influencer” is a person who has gained significant sway in a certain field.

These content producers can reach a big audience with their messages and influence people through their credibility and popularity. Social media influencers often work with businesses to promote products and services to followers in return for financial remuneration, free items, or discounts.

Who Are You Trying To Influence?

Identifying potential advocates for your business on social media begins here. Companies that want to persuade an audience all too often fail to do so because they don’t understand who that audience is. This may cause marketing funds to be squandered and influencer initiatives to provide little to no measurable impact.

Knowing your target market is essential in forming a successful partnership with an influencer. One whose advice is highly anticipated by the people you’re trying to reach.

Take, for example, the case of a yoga mat and accessories firm interested in harnessing the impact of Instagram stars. Do you just choose any old fitness, health, or wellness guru to follow?

It would be best if you didn’t jump to conclusions. Audience personas will help you figure out who you’re writing for. LIFORME accomplished that when they teamed up with the yoga community’s favorite Instagrammer, @lottasebzdayoga.

LIFORME is paying this Instagram star to promote its product to its 218,000 followers.

The key to increasing your brand’s profits to gain Instagram followers is forming strategic alliances with influencers who already have a strong following among your ideal customers. Determine the demographics of your target market. After that, it’s time to start looking for people with a lot of sway over your target audience on social media.

Finding Social Media Influencers Via Competitor Research

You can easily find social media influencers to help Gain Instagram followers of your brand. The most straightforward method is to spy on your competitors to see who they have as brand influencers.

There is a good chance that the major players in your sector and niche have conducted an extensive study on the sort of influencer they require to convert Instagram followers into paying customers. What’s stopping you from coordinating your brand with that study?

The first step is opening up Instagram and looking for rival accounts in the app’s search feature. So, if your company sells beauty items and Sephora is a major player in your market, you may start your research here. . .

Then, locate influential people who are not celebrities and have items to sell.

A company in Sephora’s beauty goods area would benefit greatly from partnering with lifestyle and beauty micro-influencer @kirbiejohnson.

Gaining exposure for your business on Instagram may be facilitated by connecting with relevant influencers. When you collaborate with this influencer, your company will have access to her audience of more than 44,000.

Use Google To Find Social Media Influencers In Your Industry

Following that first piece of advice, here’s another way to identify and gain Instagram followers on social media. You will use Google search rather than Instagram search. It’s the same deal; you just may have to look harder.

Let’s continue using the Sephora business as an example. You may identify Instagram influencers working on behalf of your top competitors by doing a Google search for something like “Sephora Instagram influencers.

The outcomes of my Google search are encouraging. The next step is to read the articles, such as the #SephoraSquad link. You can click on this.

Perhaps a beauty company looking to expand its Instagram following can focus on the #SephoraSquad influencers, as they are already actively promoting one of the company’s biggest rivals. One such influential person is @maryamremias.

Turn To Youtube To Find Instagram Influencers For your Brand

Although it may seem counterintuitive, YouTube may be a goldmine for locating relevant social media influencers to help grow your brand’s Instagram following.

Most people who have a significant following on YouTube also have followers on Instagram, making Instagram the second most popular search engine behind Google. Precisely, how does this function?

So, you’ve created a new piece of tech and want to promote it on Instagram. Search YouTube for “top tech gear” to locate a prominent tech reviewer.

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Then go through their videos until you discover one that suits your brand’s aesthetic, like this one showcasing the best technology from YouTuber TechFlow.

You may find a link to the YouTuber’s Instagram page in the video’s description.

You can see whether a YouTube influencer is a suitable match after clicking on their Instagram profile.

If a tech firm wants to increase its Instagram following, this influencer may be a suitable fit because of its micro-influencer status. Micro-influencers often attract more devoted fans than their mega-influencer counterparts.

This strategy to identify social media influencers allows you to stretch your marketing dollars further. For an even more significant influencer marketing impact, the influencer may cross-post on YouTube and Instagram.

Partner With Social Media Influencer platform Informativespace

A social media influencer network like Informativespace makes it simple to find relevant individuals to collaborate with. How does Informativespace help companies’ names? Hey, that’s an outstanding query.

Our extensive network of Instagram stars extends across a wide variety of markets. We can match your company with the perfect influencer in every industry, from IT to fashion.

And you can be sure it will be a perfect fit every time. Our social media influencer platform utilizes data-driven analytics to match your brand with the ideal influencer. This maximizes the profitability of every influencer marketing effort.

We excel in generating interest in your company and its products. Let us demonstrate the advantages and outcomes of working with a social media influencer network in real time if you have never done so.

And growing connections between companies and social media influencers is what Informativespace is all about. Gaining followers on Instagram via continuous recommendations from major influencers for your particular campaign indicates a higher level of trust and confidence in your business to potential customers.

Is it time to use influencers to boost your brand’s online visibility? Do you feel your previous influencer marketing efforts fell short of your expectations? Now is the moment to use Informativespace to promote your brand’s popularity.

What comes up when you search for “how to Gain more followers on Instagram”

You’ll attract more consumers and interested clients as your number of followers increases (organically). To a wider group of people by sharing or making their own versions of your material, your followers demonstrate their dedication, which serves as social evidence that your campaign is successful.


A brand’s Instagram following may be boosted with engaging content, shared regularly, and seen by individuals who are already interested in that area. There are many social media influencers (Mega Influencers, Macro influencers, Micro-influencers, and Nano influencers). This article explains how we can find social media influencers by gaining more Instagram followers for your brand. There are some important ways to discover the influencers via competitor research. With the help of this article, you can easily find the best influencer on your social media platform. This article is beneficial for gaining Instagram followers.



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