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Fiverr: Top 10 Tips to Rank Your Gig

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Fiverr ranks your gig based on the number of reviews you get, your conversion rate, and the Gig tags and description. To discover the best secrets that can assist you to rank higher on search engines, you must genuinely apply your intellect. The only way to make money on Fiverr is to be creative in your gig descriptions.

How to rank your gig on Fiverr? It has a good answer that can help you make a number of dollars when done right. Here are the top 10 tips and tricks to get more clients on Fiverr:

Target keyword


Using keywords relevant to your services may significantly improve your gig ranking in a short period. Search for keywords relating to your talents and services, make an SEO keyword-filled title, such as “I will design a professional WordPress website,” a description, and tags. When you are done, sit back and wait for top search terms to start streaming into your Fiverr account. Fiverr gigs are more likely to be ranked higher if they include keywords.

2. Go for a video gig

A video job is more beneficial to your rating than an image gig. Not only do your clients see you as trustworthy, but they also make it simple for you to communicate your services to them. Here’s how you make a video gig with your smartphone if that’s what you choose. In your video, you may describe your services and previous experience.

3. Overview (URL)

When you first begin to create a Fiverr job, the “overview” page appears on the screen. This page is critical for ranking your position on the search engine results page. First and foremost, you must provide the gig title to design a Fiverr job. The first time you enter a phrase in the gig title, those words are converted into the URL for your performance.

Based on this URL, Fiverr will display your Gig at the top of the list. So make an effort to include the most relevant keywords in the job title. Then, under categories, choose the area in which you are interested in working and any other skills or knowledge you may have.

However, information in the Gig prevents the option from being specified. If you don’t select what you’re looking for, all forms of work will appear in your buyer request, and your job will be visible to all types of buyers. If your URL is search engine friendly, it will be simple to rank your Fiverr job.

4. Description and FAQ

To rank your gig on Fiverr, describe yourself in detail to best promote yourself to a potential customer in your description section. If a buyer comes into your concert, you’ll have a problem. They will read the description of the sort of additional and one-of-a-kind services you will be given to them. After reading the description, they will determine whether or not to hire you for the position in question. As a result, the following are some suggestions for the description:

  • Include a welcome for the customer at the beginning of the description.
  • Divide your description into three to four sections, and ensure that each section follows a strict structure. Include information on who you are, why you are different, what services you do, and what unique and extra services you will deliver to the buyer that others will not offer.
  • One tip for writing a description is to keep attempting to write your tags or service tag in the description over and over again.
  • Fill in the blanks with all of the questions a customer could have for you in the FAQ section. All sorts of queries, including whether or whether you offer any other or related services that you might further discuss.

5. Get Your First Order ASAP

If you want to establish credibility with purchasers, you must first get positive feedback to attract additional customers to your job. One thing that may be done to remedy this situation is to have someone else assess your performance.

You may encourage a friend to buy your service and then review your Gig with five stars and a beautifully written review; however, keep in mind that doing so violates Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions.

It’s suggested that you continue to make buyer requests daily, as you will almost certainly get a response from a buyer who will purchase your job if you are doing everything right. When you get a positive rating on a job, your profile seems to be loaded with some material, and you are designated as a rated vendor.

6. Attractive Gig Images

As we all know, photos or visuals may communicate more effectively than words. Compared to other gig images, a beautiful and well-designed gig picture might help you receive more hits. When a buyer looks for any services on Fiverr, the first thing they see are the photos and names of the services. As a result, if your job has a visually appealing picture, it will almost certainly receive more clicks than your rivals. The alt tag for an image is also crucial for gig ranking purposes. Most merchants do not provide alt tags for their concert photos, which is a bad practice. When uploading a gig picture, be sure to include an alt tag.

7. Stay online 24/7

Active profiles get more orders and replies than those that are not. As a result, I aim to be online as much as possible, 24 hours a day. Make sure to download and install the Fiverr Mobile App on your mobile device to remain connected at all times. The mobile app is the most convenient and effective way to connect, reply to buyers, and maintain profiles.

8. Become a Higher Level Seller

Fiverr offers a system of levels that you may advance through. It begins with a new seller and progresses through level one, level two, and top-rated. Compared to other vendors, top-rated merchants have several distinct benefits. More perks and trust come with a higher degree of status, and buyers are also paying increased emphasis to profiles that have received a higher degree of qualification. Fiverr recognizes and rewards those who consistently provide high-quality work, complete orders on time, and place a substantial value on customer pleasure.

9. Increase your conversion rate

The number of new customers who email you and ultimately place an order is referred to as the conversion rate. It would be beneficial if you communicated more effectively. A higher conversion rate also aids in the ranking of your Gig in search results, which is helpful.

Fiverr will see that you have a consistent schedule and that you are profiting from their platform, and they will begin to benefit you as a result. To verify your conversion rate, go to the gigs and look at the conversion rate chart for each concert you are participating in. If you have the Fiverr mobile application, you will be able to view it on the application’s main page.

10. Get loyal customers

Having many consistent clients boosts your chances of earning more sales and achieving a better gig rank. When you find a good customer on Fiverr, please make an effort to be polite with them, professionally connect with them, and, ultimately, provide excellent service.

As a consequence of your excellent services, they will actively seek you out anytime they are looking for a new job. The greater the number of people searching for and clicking on your Gig, the better your Gig ranking on Fiverr’s algorithms.

The Bottom Line

Fiverr is a terrific way to start a side business or make a full-time income as an independent contractor. However, you must first attract attention to obtain bookings for your performance to do so.

The readers now understand how to put up a successful concert. Creating gigs is the very first step on the path to your goals and success. It is pretty easy; all you have to do is think about it and act on it. This is the most effective method of writing. Make your customer happy with your performance so that he will continue to place orders with you in the future. Setting your pricing high at the outset is unnecessary, and it may be beneficial to your ability to get good evaluations.



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