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Grammarly Alternatives

When it comes to grammar checkers, Grammarly is among the best known. It does more than just check for typos; it also fixes poorly formed phrases, incorrect context, and inappropriate word choice.

However, not all authors will find it helpful, and not all writings can be edited with it.

I’ve compiled a list of the nine best alternatives to Grammarly, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Choose the most OK grammar checker for your specific writing requirements with the aid of this list.


Bloggers and content writers might benefit significantly from using ProWritingAid, a grammar analyzer.


The word count of 500 is all that the free edition of ProWritingAid can analyze. Except for the plagiarism checker, all premium features are guaranteed for 14 days and come in three different pricing tiers. Monthly plans start at $20, with a lifetime membership costing $319.

Top Features:

In terms of precision, ProWritingAid shines. Few typos, punctuation issues, or opportunities to improve readability were overlooked.

Disabling a rule is helpful for writers of fiction who utilize uncommon names for their characters. The feature is absent from Grammarly.

Aside from providing a quick explanation of why a mistake is incorrect, ProWritingAid also provides a comprehensive report detailing your writing style, strengths, and areas for development.


  1. Writing Analysis is the most outstanding program for providing in-depth reports on one’s work.
  2. Links to informative information about grammar accompany errors.
  3. In contrast to other grammar checkers, it works with Scrivener (s).
  4. Although having similar functionality as Grammarly, it costs less. ProWritingAid prevents plagiarism since it does not store your work when you close the program.


  1. This might be a downside when you need a quick grammar check.
  2. It seems to move at a snail’s pace: ProWritingAid often freezes, especially when many files are uploaded at once. This may be a significant problem for writers of fictional works.
  3. It will be lost if you don’t manually preserve all of the information that ProWritingAid has improved.
  4. ProWritingAid cannot be used without an internet connection, even in its premium edition.
  5. The plagiarism checker is an additional cost outside of the premium price tiers. Another option is to purchase only the plagiarism checker. It’s easy for something to get tiresome for no good reason.


Whitesmoke is a program that helps people who aren’t native English speakers catch grammatical mistakes in their writing. It also provides ideas for improving your documents’ writing style and grammar.


In contrast to competing services, WhiteSmoke does not provide a free service tier. The cheapest Web plan is $5 per month, while the most expensive Business plan costs $11 per month.

However, you may only pay for their programs annually or, at a discount, for three years at a time. You may get a full refund within seven days of purchase if Whitesmoke isn’t to your liking.

Top Features:

Any non-native English writer would benefit significantly from WhiteSmoke’s integrated dictionary and translator for over 50 languages. However, the software’s built-in plagiarism checker is sluggish and sometimes incorrect. Only the first 10,000 characters will be verified.

In addition, WhiteSmoke provides a “Writing Score” based on an analysis of your text’s sentence length, structure, word choice, etc. You’ll see a “How to use” menu item if you want to explore a software recommendation further. Those whose native tongue isn’t English will find this another useful function.

The excellent built-in writing templates might be handy when you need a fast pre-made document. Numerous of the most esoteric aspects of the English language, like the rules of grammar, may also be learned with the help of the many online writing guides.


  1. Whitesmoke’s in-built translator and dictionary support over fifty languages.
  2. Whitesmoke provides a writing score of 10 to immediately see which aspects of your post are substantial and which may need some work.
  3. A wealth of helpful video information is accessible to anybody looking to improve their grammar. If you’re not an English speaker, this can help you immensely.
  4. There is a library of customizable pre-built templates available for use.
  5. WhiteSmoke lets you research how to implement a specific recommendation.


  1. Whitesmoke exclusively provides annual and three-year invoicing with a 7-day return policy; no monthly subscriptions are available.
  2. If you need to proofread a lengthy essay or chapter of a fictitious book, the restriction of 10,000 characters will quickly become an insurmountable obstacle.
  3. Due to the plagiarism checker’s extensive word scanning and erroneous findings, it is best to utilize it cautiously.
  4. Regarding the user interface, WhiteSmoke falls short of the standards set by its rivals.

Hemingway app

Despite the proliferation of grammar checkers, Hemingway is still highly recommended, especially for new writers.


The web-based editor by HemingwayApp is free, but the desktop version requires a one-time payment of $19.99. The app’s only function is a way to work in peace.

Top Features:

The HemingwayApp uses color coding to break your work into easily consumable chunks. It has a readability rating and “Writing” and “Editing” settings.

Compared to Grammarly, this tool lacks sophisticated features like contextual recommendations, synonyms, and more.


  1. To write without being interrupted by the software’s recommendations, just switch to the “Writing” mode.
  2. Improve your paper’s readability using HemingwayApp’s advice after a thorough study. It’s also broken up into bite-sized pieces for easy reading.


Fewer functionality than competing apps; HemingwayApp does not provide many contextual recommendations, synonyms, or dictionary lookups.

The premium app does not provide any value beyond the free online version.


When writing fiction, it’s recommended that you use Ginger, a program that checks grammar.


The free version of Ginger includes restrictions on the number of characters and the grammar it checks for. In addition to comprehensive grammar checking, the premium plans (which begin at $20/month) provide access to a personal online writing teacher. In the paid version, you may use the translation tool.

Top Features:

Double-clicking on Ginger will bring up its antonyms in more than sixty other languages. However, the program sometimes lags and overlooks minor mistakes.

If you’re a fiction writer trying to keep your plot from dragging due to repetitive lines, the software’s “Rephrase” function may help. The “Personal dictionary” section is helpful for writers of fiction who want to use unique names for their characters.


  1. Adding them to your dictionary may prevent the program from flagging uncommon names for characters.
  2. Use the “Rephrase” function to learn alternative wordings for a given statement.
  3. The ginger program has a translator that supports 60+ different languages.


  1. Unfortunately, no plagiarism checker is included, even with the most expensive plans.
  2. The free edition does not include sophisticated features like checking for subject-verb agreement or other grammatical norms. There is no translation in the free version, either.
  3. Ginger software often fails to catch minor spelling mistakes, necessitating further editing before publication.

Slick Write

Slick Write is an excellent piece of free grammar-checking software.


Slick Write doesn’t cost anything.

Top Features:

The four aspects of your writing that Slick Write examines are the features, the structure, the quotations, and the vocabulary. You may efficiently utilize the top-level page navigation to access all of the inspections, which have been color-coded for your convenience.

The passive voice index, prepositional phrase index, sentence type, linguistic diversity, etc., are only a few of the numerous data available in Slick Write. When revising and perfecting your writing, you may switch between “editing” and “critiquing” modes.

The software’s insistence on being clicked on at every mistake and recommendation, with its merely a label for the problem without offering any guidance on how to fix it, was a major turnoff for me. For those who aren’t fluent in the language, this may not be the best option.


  1. Simple grammar checker with an intuitive layout that’s perfect for newcomers.
  2. The program provides helpful indexes and scales that you may use to evaluate the quality of your work.
  3. A dictionary and a thesaurus are readily available: Both a dictionary and thesaurus are included in the program.
  4. The program is available at no cost. However, financial support is required.


  1. The program does not include a function to check for plagiarism; hence it cannot detect instances of plagiarism.
  2. Because the program simply flags errors, it does not provide a simple fix.
  3. It’s possible that the program won’t catch all problems; it tends to overlook things like misspelled words and awkward sentence structure.

After the Deadline

After The Deadline is a free piece of software that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to fix your writing errors.


Given that After The Deadline is based on open-source code, it may be downloaded for free.

Top Features:

You may get advice on your writing’s spelling, punctuation, and style from After The Deadline. However, I could not use it on the Brave browser, even though it identifies the most simple problems.

It looks for misspelled words, improperly utilized terms, etc., in their context. Error explanations appear when you hover over the highlighted typos. If you wish to add character names to your “Personal Dictionary,” you may also disable several restrictions.


  1. It is a piece of software that checks for grammatical and contextual problems in their context.
  2. As open-source software, After the Deadline is available at no cost.


  1. The Brave browser is incompatible with After the Deadline. For rare browsers, this may be a reoccurring issue.
  2. The After the Deadline does not have a plagiarism checker, a thesaurus, or a dictionary lookup function.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is an online grammar checker explicitly designed for evaluating school papers.


The free version of Paper Rater has several functionality restrictions. In the paid edition, there are additional plagiarism tests, quicker processing, more advanced modules, etc. Each month’s premium plan is $14.95. Alternatively, you may be billed once a year for the same thing.

Top Features:

With Paper Rater, you may choose the literacy level of the reviewers. This function is beneficial if you tailor your content to a specific audience. A brief critique of your word choice, vocabulary, style, etc., is also provided. Despite its slowness, the plagiarism detector is excellent.

Unfortunately, Paper Rater does not come with a thesaurus or a way to manually enter synonyms. It also has trouble with words like “affect-effect” when the context is crucial.


  1. Available at no cost, PaperRater’s free plagiarism checker is just as accurate and dependable as its paid counterpart.
  2. Summaries of the text’s Analysis are provided to help improve its readability.
  3. The user may choose the average educational level of their target audience, which is useful when catering to specific age groups or demographics.


  1. Fails to catch some textual issues that only make sense in context.
  2. Unfortunately, neither a desktop nor a mobile app is available: Only an online version of Paper Rater is currently available.
  3. Paper Rater does not include a dictionary or a function to input a synonym.

Google Documents

Google Docs has built-in grammar-checking software to help with proofreading and basic grammatical checks.


Google Docs is available at no cost to the user.

Top Features:

The principal function of Google Docs is the real-time correction of simple grammatical errors. The most significant aspect is that typos you make while using the software automatically fix typing.

Unfortunately, unlike Microsoft Word, Google Docs does not come equipped with sophisticated grammar checkers like a plagiarism detector, a thesaurus, or a program that analyses your writing style. However, it is excellent software, suitable for simple proofreading tasks. A “Personal Dictionary” option is also available.


  1. Google Document is an accurate proofreading tool for simple documents.
  2. Google Docs doesn’t cost a dime.
  3. Simple to use, it has a straightforward interface perfect for newcomers.
  4. The simple mistakes you make when using Google Documents are automatically corrected as you type.
  5. Words you come across, like those of unique characters, may be added to your dictionary.


  1. Google Documents lacks sophisticated tools like a grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, etc.


Reverso is a translation tool that examines spelling and grammar and can translate text into 15 different languages.


Reverso is a free service that examines up to 1200 characters. The lowest-priced package starts at $5.99 per month. Also available is a business strategy that may be modified to fit your specific requirements.

Top Features:

Reverso corrects common spelling and grammatical problems and provides related words and phrases. There is an option to choose between American and British spelling.


  1. The same program may both correct your grammar and translate your writing.
  2. The spelling style you choose in your writing, whether UK or USA, is entirely up to you.


  1. The free version only allows you to examine the first 1200 characters.
  2. Functionality is limited; for example, the tool does not provide sophisticated grammatical and stylistic corrections.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grammarly Alternatives

Let’s answer some of the most often-asked questions concerning Grammarly’s rivals before we wrap up our evaluation.

Do you know of any Grammarly substitutes?

Competitors to Grammarly abound. ProWritingAid is where you should go if you’re looking for a more in-depth examination of your writing. The Hemingway app is preferable if you want to improve the readability of your work. WhiteSmoke has a lot of great tools for those who aren’t fluent in English. In addition to translating, you may use Reverso as a grammar checker.

Who makes the most reliable grammar checker?

Even now, Grammarly is among the most widely used programs of its kind. It works reliably and precisely with any type of text. However, Google Docs and ProWritingAid are also regarded as reliable grammar checkers.

Does ProWritingAid outperform Grammarly?

When comparing ProWritingAid with Grammarly, ProWritingAid provides a more thorough analysis of your work and a more in-depth report on where you may make improvements. ProWritingAid is an excellent tool to polish your writing and make it easier to read.

Final Thoughts

Many more options exist than Grammarly, as you can see. The vast majority function similarly to Grammarly, providing analogous recommendations and mistake flagging.

Many of these programs are most effective when used in tandem, such as when you use Grammarly to ensure your paper is error-free and switch to HemingwayApp to improve its readability.

When I require a detailed critique of my writing, I use ProWritingAid, and when I need editable, readymade templates, I use WhiteSmoke.

I hope this list helps you find a replacement for Grammarly or other tools.



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