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How Much Do YouTubers Make? Helpful Tips & 10 Examples


How Much Do YouTubers Make? Self-made superstars of the modern day may be found on YouTube, where they have amassed a massive following by uploading videos on topics as varied as how-tos, reviews, and just being fabulous.

Though you may not have set out to make money on youtube channel, you may be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of monetization options available on YouTube. Fortunately, YouTube may also be used in innovative ways to generate income.

While having a large enough following on YouTube may help you make money (just as having a large enough following on Instagram can help you make money as an influencer or a blogger), what enables you to make money is having various income sources, such as via side hustles or enterprises.

To what extent do YouTubers profit from their work?

That’s a tricky question to answer since it’s dependent on so many variables. To clarify, we’re referring to full-time content producers who upload numerous times per week when we discuss how much money YouTubers earn. People (or companies) like these have successfully amassed a following and a steady stream of subscribers. They’ve built quite a following on YouTube because of the reliability of their uploads and the quality of their videos. You can’t expect to make a lot of money for your efforts if you lack such qualities (although these days, it might not be too difficult). Keep reading if you’re curious about the potential earnings of a popular YouTube channel.

Some Important points for How to make money on YouTube

  • Engage in YouTube’s Partner Program
  • Promote the purchase of goods
  • Get the word out and crowdfund your next artistic endeavor.
  • Give your followers a chance to financially back your project.
  • To the media: Please license your material
  • Collaborate with companies as an influencer.
  • Start a career as an associate marketer.

eMarketer’s study of influencer marketing found that even nano-influencers with as little as 500 followers may pay over $300 for each post, with celebrities making over $3800.

How Much Do Youtubers Make and How Do YouTubers Get Paid?

Making substantial money on Youtube is an exercise in sheer probability. You need at least a thousand subscribers and 4,000 legitimate public view hours per year on YouTube before applying to the Youtube Partners Program (YPP). In addition, your YouTube channel must be associated with an AdSense account. Please use the free YouTube Creator Academy course (it lasts about 15 minutes) to learn more about making money with your channel.

That alters the meaning of “if you build it, they will come” The initial investment is high with no promise of future compensation. Extreme popularity for a YouTube channel usually doesn’t develop overnight, although it does happen sometimes. It was predicting what will go viral and what will not is challenging.

Okay, let’s talk about the money industry.

YouTubers may earn anything from $0.001 to $0.003 for each ad view, or roughly $18 per 1,000 views. In conclusion, YouTubers make $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views.

Moreover, there are a variety of other avenues for generating revenue. Possible income streams include affiliate links, advertising, branded products, and corporate sponsorships. Consistency and expanding your fan base, though, come first.

If Forbes is to be believed, the top YouTube earners make up to half of their income from advertising. On the other hand, YouTube isn’t the only method to cash in.

How Much do YouTubers Make and Get Paid (10 Real Examples)

Ad revenue isn’t the only source of income for YouTubers. In March 2017, for example, it was claimed that YouTube compensated its top producers an average of $2.70 per thousand ad views. Don’t forget that some YouTubers have made a fortune with much less than millions of views. The profit potential is enormous. A person with one million subscribers may earn between $800 and $12,000 per month through adverts and Google AdSense earnings, as reported by Earnings Scale.

Who hasn’t fantasized about being a video recording superstar and getting paid to do what they love? If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “Sure, but who wants to watch boring me?” Getting noticed may not be as difficult as you think. The persons on this list have massive followings, which may convert into substantial earnings on YouTube. An original concept and a lot of hard work are all required. Convincing people to see your content might take time, so don’t give up because your views are low.

For starters, let’s take a break to figure out how to generate money on YouTube and how to do arithmetic.

Even if you disagree with their content, you must admit that some of the highest-paid YouTubers are talented. At the same time, some succeed simply by discovering their specialty. Look at some ridiculous ideas that followed (in no particular order).

In this article, we discuss some famous YouTubers

1)Blippi – Estimated income: $22.4 million

Subscribers: 12.4 million

Views: 9.4 billion

What he does: Behave like a child

What if there was a way to earn a fortune doing things that toddlers enjoy? That’s just what Blippi does. An adult guy acted like a child on the Money from YouTube in Other Ways channel, which is popular with young viewers and their parents. Blippi, whose actual name is Steven John, is a YouTuber in his thirties who goes to amusement parks, museums, zoos, and other locations where children may have a lot of fun and plays with all the toys and games they find there.

Blippi incorporates early learning concepts like colors, numbers, body parts, and food into entertaining, engaging, hour-long films for toddlers. In his spare time, he plays with ball pits, slides down inflatable slides, rides little tricycles, and dances to his tunes about dinosaurs and farm equipment. There are several channels dedicated to providing entertaining and educational content for children. Instead of a child co-star, Blippi uses a first-person viewpoint to enable young viewers to interact with him in a game. Merchandise sales and live performances are two ways he makes money.

2) Good Mythical Morning – Estimated income: $26.3 million

Subscribers: 56 million

Views: 12.8 billion

Their Function: Cook up some strange dishes and enjoy them.

Watch Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link; they’ll explain everything you need to know. Can I use a deep fryer? When do we get the pot pie? Worst Easter candy, please!

This silly buddy comedy centers on a premise best summed up as “they do odd things to food.” This channel will tell you whether you can make baby food out of Monster Energy drinks and beef jerky and if you can transform an Egg McMuffin into a Klondike Bar. WARNING: it’s not true. YouTube is an excellent place to make a buck if you’re betting on comedy or entertainment.

3) Mr. Beast – Estimated income: $26.3 million

Mr. Beast – Estimated revenue: $26.3 million

Subscribers: 61.2 million

Views: 10.4 billion

The Actions he Takes include Giveaways, practical jokes, and other forms of hilarity.

Mr. Beast, or Jimmy Donaldson, gets his money the hard way: by engaging in foolish acts. He has gone through the same drive-thru 1,000 times, buying a $500,000 mystery box and becoming buried alive, all of which have garnered him a total of 104,068,378 views.

Stupid things happen in Mr. Beast’s world, but unlike his forebears in the Jackass franchise, his antics are seldom dangerous and frequently kind. To strangers, he hands out expensive rewards. In October, this man became an Uber driver, picking up his first passenger in a Lamborghini and delivering them to their destination in style. This wasn’t a one-off gimmick.

He has generously donated cash, property, and several automobiles. That’s really not a terrible plan of action. Even if he gives his supporters several million dollars per year, he will still have over $20 million. There are now many more of your fans.

4) Dude Perfect – Estimated income: $30.3 million

Subscribers: 56 million

Views: 12.8 billion

Why they do it: Play

As unfortunate as it may be, there are moments when you need the assistance of your friends. The five-person band known as Dude Perfect. They fight it out with Nerf weapons, perform lightsaber duels, and roll about on the floor in hockey chairs. Shirts, sweatshirts, board shorts, caps, a basketball with their logo, and a book chronicling their travels—these guys have it covered when it comes to merchandising.

You’re probably picking up on a pattern here, and you’d be correct. Of the top 50 YouTubers in subscriber count, 82% are men, with the majority belonging to either the Millennial or Generation Z generations. Everyone loves seeing men enjoying a good time playing video games and promoting various goods.

5) Markiplier – Estimated income: $25.7 million

Subscribers: 29 million

Views: 15.6 billion

Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, is another young guy whose gaming-related videos have dominated YouTube’s revenue for years. Some of his films are animated, and he specializes in providing comments on video games as well as comedic routines and parodies.

6) Unbox Therapy

Subscribers: 17.9 million

Views: 4 billion

The Actions he Takes: Analyze cutting-edge hardware and software.

Unbox Therapy’s mastermind isn’t the only YouTuber to open packages, but he is among the most popular unboxers. In many films, Lewis George Hilsenteger and his cameraman Jack McCann evaluate various pieces of technology.

About three times a week, the crew uploads a new video, each of which typically runs between five and thirty minutes. Each video has at least 1.6 million views, with very few exceptions. Once again, people are removing items from packaging. Plus, they retain whatever it is, unlike more generic forms of advertising used by internet firms.

They did not get here instantly. At this point, the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel has been around for a decade. Their early success was spectacular, but it took four years and many hours of films to reach the million-view mark.

7) EvE – Experiment vs. Car

Subscribers: Just under a million

Views: 369 million

Why they do it: Everything was run over.

Running over stuff with automobiles has to be one of the stupidest things people do on YouTube. Is it also fantastic, or what? The EvE – Experiment vs. Car channel videos range from two to 10 minutes.

In each clip, a vehicle tire is shown in close-up motion over an object as the music plays in the background. The first video was uploaded less than a year ago, and their most popular video has already garnered 59 million views.

8) The Secret Life of my Hamster

Subscribers: 3.7 million

Views: 1.4 billion

The hamsters in the web series The Secret Life of my Hamster have to navigate elaborate mazes made of Legos, cardboard, and other objects. The hamsters had little trouble navigating the mazes’ many levels, moving elements, non-threatening dangers, and tunnels. Even though Popcorn, the hamster’s owner, is likely not earning a lot of money off of him, he must be, given the number of views his videos get.

9) Bad Lip Reading

Subscribers: 8.02 million

Views: 1.4 billion

Why They do It: Rewrite the conversation

This channel mashes together clips from various media to create hilarious parodies, including political videos, movie sequences, music, interviews, and even the royal wedding. Video is not immune to Bad Lip Reading, and the consequences are frequently hilarious.

This parody channel takes different types of videos: political videos, movie scenes, songs, interviews, and even the royal wedding, and dubs in a new dialog. No footage is safe from Bad Lip Reading, and the results are often hysterical.

10) Amber Scholl

Subscribers: 3.44M

Views: 466 million

In Her Actions, She: Shopping

YouTuber Amber Scholl is one of the most subscribed fashion bloggers. Her burgeoning influencer status directly results from the positive energy she radiates online. There’s some shopping theme, like finding an Oscars outfit or going on a five-dollar shopping spree, and she brings viewers along. She also discusses how she does her nails, saves money, and applies cosmetics.

Making money doing foolish or mundane activities is a common strategy for YouTubers. Lifestyle vlogs, video games, music videos, comedy, and original programming for kids starring young influencers are all thriving subgenres. They all have in common consistently posting high-quality films, not necessarily brilliant ideas or unique abilities. The best advice is to keep uploading and sharing videos online.

Time is required. Don’t give up, and be confident in your efforts. Any success you have will be assured by expanding your fan base. It also doesn’t hurt to get the attention of a famous person, as the backpack did by doing the most awkward dance in the history of recorded music. Remember the Floss whenever you feel like giving up.

Start Attracting More Subscribers To Your YouTube Channel

Acquiring a large subscriber base is essential if you want to monetize your videos on YouTube. You may make more money with each video played if more people subscribe to your channel, watch your videos, and click on your ads.

Is a minimum number of subscribers required to make a profit on YouTube? No. You may still monetize your YouTube channel if you have less than 2,000 followers. Do more subscribers mean more income on YouTube? Definitely.

Growing your subscription base, nevertheless, requires careful management. Get dedicated viewers, and your average viewer time spent with each video will continue to rise.

This necessitates the production of high-caliber, valuable videos. This increases the likelihood that people will like your content and click the subscribe button. Take this video by a YouTube user’s random rank as an excellent illustration.

The video from the influencer above is quite helpful. More than 1,200 people commented, demonstrating high levels of participation. Getting more followers is the first step towards making money on YouTube. Looking at the big picture, this option will save you the most money.

Set Up Your YouTube Partner Program Account

If you’re a YouTube creator and want to be paid for your videos, you need to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

We’ll learn how to generate money with advertisements and use premium features like memberships and Super Chat after you’ve become a YouTube partner, so stick around!

Most influencers choose YPP as their initial income source since monetizing videos with adverts can be very lucrative.

The last requirement you must fulfill is a crucial one. When it comes to user experience, YouTube has a lot of guidelines. Among other things, your films shouldn’t have any explicit material, references to or advocacy of the use of drugs or alcohol, foul language, etc.

This is what YouTube considers to be not advertiser-friendly:

You should have no issue becoming a YouTube partner if your channel complies with these standards and is conducive to advertising. It’s an excellent start if you want to make money on YouTube.

Ask Loyal Subscribers For Money

Subscription fees are another method through which YouTubers make money. There are many methods for doing this. However, you shouldn’t ignore this opportunity to earn money by becoming a YouTube influencer.


Patreon is the first platform that allows YouTube creators to be paid directly by their audience members. Patreon is a virtual jar where video viewers may donate to YouTube creators in exchange for entertaining and informative content. The advice might be given on a video-by-video basis or a monthly basis.

Subscribers and donors may access the YouTuber’s new videos and other exclusive features early. It’s similar to subscriptions through YouTube stars but with additional options for the end user.

Super Chat

Super Chat is the next step in acquiring monetary support from dedicated YouTubers and their audience. This is an absolute requirement if you want to make more money as a YouTube influencer.

Exactly how does Super Chat function? Super Chat is only one of the benefits of joining the YouTube Partner Program. To put it another way, this allows live streaming while simultaneously receiving feedback. Here’s how it pans out:

In the words of YouTube’s Creator Academy, “for creators, this means Super Chat serves double duty: keeping their dialogues and interactions with super fans interesting and dynamic while also providing artists a new method to generate money.”

Affiliate Links Is A How To Make Money On YouTube Strategy

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the finest and simplest methods to generate money as a YouTube influencer. YouTubers, Instagrammers, and Facebook celebrities may all benefit monetarily from engaging in affiliate marketing.

And for YouTubers, affiliate marketing is a breeze. You promote a product or service by bringing in new viewers and subscribers, mentioning it in your videos, and including a link to your store in the video’s description on YouTube.

To what extent does affiliate marketing pay? A commission is delivered to you after a visitor purchases after clicking on your affiliate link. Price reductions may be as little as 3% and as high as 15%, depending on the nature of the item or service being offered and the reputation of the a The first step is to sign up for an affiliate marketing platform like Rakuten’s, FlexOffers.com’s, Impact’s, Awin’s, CJ.com’s, Walmart’s, or Amazon’s.

You may need to sign up for many affiliate marketing networks to access all the businesses that interest you. Associated brand. Kevin, The Tech Ninja, gives us an example of how affiliate marketing works for YouTube stars:

To learn more about Apple’s newest iPhone, watch the video above. And if you want to purchase the iPhone 12 right now, you may do so by clicking the link in the description of this video.

Sell Products or Merchandise

Many popular YouTubers earn a living wage or more by building a fanbase and selling goods emblazoned with their names and faces. You may sell everything from coffee mugs and tote bags to t-shirts and caps on your YouTube channel. Merch is a fantastic method to promote your YouTube channel and make money if you’ve established your distinct brand or personality.

Land Cash Money Brand Sponsorships

How do people on YouTube make money? Brand endorsements are their primary source of wealth. “brand sponsorship” refers to a company paying a social media influencer to create an exclusive reference to their product or service. As compensation, the influencer receives a substantial sum of money.

However, securing such sponsorships from notable brands may be difficult. Unless, of course, you’re working with an established influencer marketing platform like Informativespace. You may leverage next-level influence and earn more with each video with the aid of Informativespace.

We also have access to a vast system of companies and organizations always looking for influential people like you. We value individuality and originality highly, and your collaboration will compromise neither with the partners in our network. The influencers at Informativespace still have the last say in all artistic matters.

Do you want to make the most money possible from each video? Raise your Impact by getting in touch with Informativespace now.


This post will provide you with some helpful information and case studies on how to monetize your YouTube channel. If you follow the advice in this post, you just may be able to monetize your YouTube channel. We may talk about Bippy, Good Mythical Morning, Mr. Beast, Dude Perfect, Markipiller, unbox Therapy, The Secret Life of my Hamster, Bad Lip Reading, Amber Scholl, etc… They have found success on YouTube. They are now making a living from their videos. Every single one of these YouTubers makes millions of dollars.



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