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How to Find Influencers Using Informativespace.com

It is common knowledge that there are several different influencer markets to choose from. Dozens more systems with their advantages and disadvantages may be found with just a short Google search. Informativespace.com is an innovative influencer network because we drew on our significant expertise working with agencies, bloggers, and company owners to create a unique and robust solution.

We considered customer suggestions when we developed our next-generation version of our original offering, a comprehensive online marketplace, and connecting service. At Informativespace.com, we’ve taken our dedication to perfect blogging and natural linking and applied it to various new products.

Essential Steps to Discovering Potential Influencers

Our straightforward method of influencer marketing is sure to win your approval. You already know that influencers may boost your company’s growth more effectively, rapidly, and credibly than traditional advertising.

Finding influencers with Informativespace.com is as simple as 1-2-3, whether searching for global leaders in social media or specialty experts in your immediate area. The procedure is as follows:


Every Influencer is Verified, Authenticated, and Added to the Platform.

Before contacting an influencer, agencies often look them up in the marketplace, where they can see all of the information that goes into a profile.

Competence & Information

We value the significance you place on our verification procedure. As a company owner, you need assurance that the person you’re hiring has the skills necessary to help you succeed. We check the brand analytics of every influencer and put that information in plain sight. All of this information comes straight from their social media monitoring dashboards. Here’s an example of the sortable information you’ll find in influencer listings:

How many people follow them across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter?



Promotional Content

Informativespace.com now offers sponsored postings, which may be anything from blog posts to social media material. If you choose the route of sponsored content, influencers may freely promote your business without being restricted.

Collective Bias found that one-third of millennials buy something because of an advertisement they saw online. Viewers are likelier to click on a native ad since it doesn’t seem as “sales-y” as traditional advertisements. Moreover, sponsored articles have better results and excellent engagement rates than display advertising. Read more about How to Find Influencers Using Informativespace.com

Sponsored advertising initiatives are notoriously time-consuming and costly. Working with contractors and top-notch content writers may be exhausting, and producing excellent promotional articles isn’t always as easy as it should be. Our influencer network takes the guesswork out of finding people who regularly make high-quality content and significantly impact their niche. Gain access to the advantages of sponsored content with little effort.

Authentic Links

On the Informativespace.com platform, we handle all interactions and submissions from influencers. Trackable links are automatically added to a material when it is submitted to you via the dashboard. For instance, if a blogger sends you a sponsored article, you’ll find it in your inbox on InformativeSpace, along with a set of monitoring URLs already in place.

Using these measurable URLs, you may see how various forms of content related to your company objectives and the monetary benefit of collaborating with each influencer. Throughout your campaign, you will have access to actual engagement data that will provide you with an overarching perspective of the success of all of your sponsored content.

Practical Applications of Informativespace.com

Here’s an Informativespace.com use case to walk you through the process of identifying influencers and show you how the platform can improve your marketing approach as a whole. The following is an example of a typical campaign:

Say you’re in the CBD oil business. The precise CBD to THC ratios in edibles may be guaranteed because of the cutting-edge science at your disposal. Keep reading to find out about How to Find Influencers Using Informativespace.com

Make an effort. There is a 30-second delay.

Try searching for bloggers and influencers with these terms:

  • Health
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) oil
  • Medical
  • Cancer
  1. Informativespace.com compiles a list of hundreds of key opinion leaders in your field. Quickly identify if the influencer is a blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, Facebook Page owner, etc. Reading their page or channel summary, you may understand who they are and what they stand for. You may refine your search by using several filters and sorting options to find just the most relevant influences.
  2. Through outreach and API (application programming interface) technologies, Informativespace.com has naturally validated each influencer. We went straight to the source to verify influencer data, and Facebook and Google gave us the green light to steal their confidential data.

Generally speaking, the search page on Informativespace.com shows user-generated and hard statistics on each influencer’s business.

  1. Put a brief pitch with all the “@ mentions” and links you want. Promote your brand by using hashtags and branded imagery.
  2. Your proposal will be sent to the bloggers and influencers you choose. Once they’ve agreed to do the task, they’ll use InformativeSpace to create and submit the finished product.
  3. In this step, Informativespace.com begins functioning automatically. Informativespace.com will provide attractive (and accurate) engagement metrics for every post and an overall summary of the campaign’s duration using data sets provided directly by the social networks. It sets quantitative goals for using funds: the blogosphere and other social media platforms.

InformativeSpace Makes It Simple To Identify Influencer

Finding influencers on Informativespace.com is easy if you know how. It’s not simply a database of influencers that compiles social data from hundreds of them; it’s also a platform for managing influencer campaigns, maximizing the effectiveness of each dollar. Each influencer has agreed to participate, grasped the basic concept, and is eager to begin working on compelling content for organizations like yours.



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