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How to Find Influencers Using Informativespace?


Informativespace is an excellent influencer marketing tool that aims to increase revenue for all parties involved (marketers, companies, and influencers).

Informativespace goes above and beyond serving as a simple list of influential people. It’s an excellent analytics tool built for connecting marketers with influential people. Influencers may be matched with one another in various ways, such by the number of their followers or the kinds of projects on which the influencer has worked.

Brands and agencies may find relevant influencers to help promote their goods and services on the Informativespace platform. Comparable to LinkedIn, Informativespace is an influential marketing platform. It’s no secret that influencer marketing is fast expanding due to its high return on investment.

It’s common knowledge that there are several influencer markets available. A simple Google search will uncover hundreds of options, each with benefits and drawbacks. Our team at Informativespace has worked with several agencies, bloggers, and company owners to develop an excellent product that stands out from the competition.

We considered customer suggestions when we developed the next iteration of our huge connecting network and marketplace. First, we focused on perfecting blogging and natural linking, and now we’ve extended that dedication to numerous new offerings at Informativespace.

Here are some essential points that are very helpful for finding influencers using Informativespace.

1-2-3 Discovery Method: How to Find Influencers

We’re sure that you’ll like our straightforward method of influencer marketing. You already know that using influencers is one of the best, quickest, and most genuine ways to expand your company beyond your current boundaries and into new markets.

The steps involved in learning how to use Informativespace to locate influencers, whether global social media influencers or local micro-influencers in a given specialty, are as simple as counting to three. The procedure is as follows:

Authentication and Data

We value the significance you place on our verification procedure. If you’re a company owner, you want to collaborate with someone with the credentials to get you where you need to go. We thoroughly check the influencers’ brand analytics and put that information in the spotlight for you. Each statistic comes straight from their respective social media monitoring tools. Some of the information you’ll see when browsing influencer profiles includes:

Sponsored Posting for Find Influencers

Informativespace now offers a new service: sponsored postings, which may be anything from blog entries to social media updates. Using sponsored content, influencers may make available sales pitches for your business.

Collective Bias found that one-third of millennials view a sponsored post-purchase as some kind of. Viewers are likelier to click on a native ad since it doesn’t seem as “sales-y” as traditional advertisements. As a bonus, sponsored posts often have a more significant ROI and engagement rates than display advertising.

It has been common practice to be time-consuming and expensive for sponsored advertising campaigns. Working with contractors and top-notch content writers may be exhausting, and producing excellent promotional articles isn’t always as easy as it should be. Our influencer network takes the guesswork out of finding people who regularly make high-quality content and significantly impact their niche. Easy access to sponsored content’s advantages is provided.

Trackable Links

The Informativespace platform handles all of our interactions with and submissions from influencers. When you get material in your dashboard inbox, it already has links that can be monitored. For example, if a blogger sends you a sponsored article, you’ll find it in your Informativespace inbox, along with the appropriate tracking URLs already embedded in the text.

Using these measurable URLs, you may see how various forms of content related to your company objectives and the monetary benefit of collaborating with each influencer. Throughout your campaign, you will have access to actual engagement data that will provide you with an insight into the overall success of all of your sponsored content.

Informativespace Use Case

We’ve crafted an Informativespace use case to shed light on the platform’s advantages and demonstrate how it can be used to locate and find influencers. Influencers will help you better implement the platform into your marketing plan. This is how a typical campaign unfolds:

Assume for a moment that you produce CBD oil. You have access to state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees precise CBD-to-THC ratios in edibles for patients.

  1. Take 30 seconds to create a campaign.
  2. These words are beneficial for searching the influencers:


2) CBD oil



3) Informativespace compiles a list of hundreds of key opinion leaders in your field. The influencer’s platform (blogging, YouTube, Instagram, Fan Page, etc.) will be immediately apparent. You may get a sense of who they are and what they stand for by reading a summary of their page’s or channel’s content. As a bonus, you can refine your search by using several filters and sorting options to focus on the most relevant influencers.

4) Using outreach and API (application programming interface) technologies, Informativespace has thoroughly screened and verified the authenticity of every influencer and its features. Since Facebook and Google have permitted us to collect their confidential data, we can ascertain influencer information by going straight to the source.

To sum up, the Informativespace search results page provides user-generated and objective information about each influencer brand.

5) Repair a brief presentation with all the “@ mentions” and links you want. Include #hashtags and branded graphics that are related to the content.

6) The influencers and bloggers you specify will get the pitch. Once they’ve agreed to do the task, they’ll use Informativespace to create the content and send it in once it’s complete.

Now that we’re here, Informativespace will begin working without more input from you. Informativespace will provide attractive (and accurate) engagement metrics for each post and an overall summary of the campaign duration based on unique data sets from the social networks. Expenditure key performance indicators are now defined with precision. Not just on the web’s social networks but also in blogging.

Discovering Key Opinion Leaders using Social Media

There was a central location for quickly contacting any company or influencer. You are free to contact them with any inquiries or partnership proposals. You can find it; it’s called the Internet and social media.

Likely, you’re already active across many channels (or not). There’s no need to panic if you haven’t been using them for outreach yet. It would help if you first thought about yours.

  • Business Goal
  • Target Audience
  • Value and vision

These are essential when coming up with ideas for companies to follow in your influencer hunt. In addition, there is a vast array of potential influences from which to choose.

How, then, should you go about making contact? The most effective locations to begin are Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It all depends on the specifics of your target market and the products you provide.

Find Influencers the Easy Way With Informativespace

Finding influencers on the Informativespace influencer network is uncomplicated and easy to grasp. It’s not simply a database of influencers that compiles social data from thousands of them; it’s also a platform for managing influencer campaigns that help you get the most out of your advertising budget. Each influencer has agreed to participate, grasped the concept, and is eager to begin producing high-quality content for organizations like yours.


Here are some crucial points in this article that are very helpful for Finding influencers using Informativespace. Some 1-2-3 Discovery methods for finding influencers like (Authentication and Data, Sponsored Posting, trackable links, Informativespacers uses case, ), etc.



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