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How to Find YouTube Influencers To Boost Brand Awareness


You may also refer to these people as “youtube influencers” if you’re familiar with the term “content producer” but don’t know what it means. A YouTube influencer’s job is to establish the trend and educate those interested in buying the same products or services. Lilly Singh, Issa Rae, Todrick Hall, and Bo Burnham are just a few of the well-known YouTubers.

These are the most prominent YouTube personalities:

  • Makeup artist
  • Performers
  • Influencers in the world of fashion

The Power of YouTube Influencers

Businesses are increasingly interested in influencer marketing to interact with customers.

Social media had made it possible for anybody with a large enough following and an interest in a particular company or product to be considered an “influencer” before this term was reserved for famous people. YouTube is an excellent location for marketers to uncover critical voices since it has over 2 billion monthly active users who view over 1 billion hours of video daily.

Some of the most subscribed-to YouTubers today may not be well-known names, but they are just as effective brand advocates as many celebrities and influencers.

They don’t have a substantial social media following. However, their strength has not diminished.

According to eMarketer, YouTube has more users than any other social network for watching videos that aren’t shown on television. Compared to other non-television video services, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, 65% of short-form video watchers favoured YouTube in 2021.

While the concept of an “influencer” may at first appear contradictory, you’ll soon realize that there’s quite a bit of crossover.

For instance, to be an influencer on Instagram, one does not need millions of followers. There are a few thousand people who follow specific influencers.

Someone’s distinctive voice and style may impact others regardless of how many people subscribe to or follow them. That’s why they’ve earned the respect of their followers. That’s why YouTube influencers can be just what you need to spread the word about your newest campaign or boost sales of your following product.

Some of the best strategies for locating influential YouTubers are outlined here. What is it?

The Best Ways to Find YouTube Influencers

Now that you’re sold on influencer marketing, you may think, “How do I discover a YouTube influencer?” Brands may benefit greatly from connecting with influential YouTubers, but doing so can be challenging.

Those unfamiliar with the influencer landscape may feel lost and apprehensive, but that’s why we’re here to help! Keep reading, and you’ll learn how to locate the ideal influencers for your company.


Hashtags are a fantastic tool for locating influential people in your niche. In YouTube videos, hashtags are utilized often.

They encourage and speed up people’s searches so they can readily locate the information they need. You may identify influencers talking about the same things by searching for hashtags and comparable sectors. Genuine connections and discussions will emerge from these influencers’ efforts.

Your material will have more credibility if you reach out to influencers currently discussing topics related to your company.

You may expect genuine interest and purchases from their followers.

The YouTube Trending Tab

Finding the top producers of content on YouTube has never been easier.

To see what’s trending right now, log into YouTube, click “Explore,” and then choose “Trending” from the menu.

What other people are now viewing is shown mechanically.

Enter search terms relevant to your company, product, or market. Newly-emerging influencers get widespread attention. They will be more interested in your company if you work with them.

Remember that YouTube’s algorithm is ever-changing, and today’s trending influencers might be tomorrow’s irrelevant nobodies.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose an appropriate influencer. The most significant performance indicators, subscriber count, engagement rates, and other critical audience data, imply higher viewer loyalty and longer-term connections with prospective customers. Therefore you should seek out influencers that have them.

People are not influencers just because they were in a viral video. Regular posts and comments keep an influencer’s audience engaged and coming back for more.


Online video personalities often work together and include each other in their videos. Brands usually pay “influencers” (those with large online followings) to mention their goods in films like this.

The use of influencers is becoming prevalent in online advertising. Its low price and high credibility have contributed to its meteoric popularity.

Some influencers also work in affiliate marketplaces and niches and partner with others in the field. These personalities often partner with companies to promote and sell merchandise with their videos.

These blogs cater to a specialized audience by focusing on specific topics such as fashion, health, fitness, cuisine, travel, pets, etc. Once you’ve identified a good influencer, you may use their YouTube channel for examples of their highlighted influencer partnerships. You may also check out their primary channel on YouTube.

You could see content from a different influencer there if an influencer has more than one channel. On the other hand, you may try asking the influencer for suggestions straight out.

Look at Influencers’ Platforms and Marketplaces

Some top YouTube influencers may be discovered by browsing one of the numerous well-known sites designed for this purpose.

Formerly known as FameBit, YouTube’s BrandConnect is a valuable business resource. Businesses may use the platform to find relevant YouTube creators willing to work together.

You may locate specialty micro-influencers and industry heavy hitters with the aid of YouTube influencer platforms.

Fiverr has been a fantastic tool in recent years. While Fiverr has always been known as a great location to discover freelancers, new features have made it a prime destination for those in search of influencers.

Google Or YouTube Search

Locating YouTubers with a large following via their videos is one of the best ways to do it. Just use a search term like “Your Niche + YouTuber,” and you’ll be good to go. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that you are a beauty company needing beauty bloggers.

When we Google it, we’ll get a tonne of results. However, what if we wish to refine our criteria even further? Let’s redo the search with the term “beautiful.” Since we’re just interested in finding our target demographic, we’ve further honed in on our search.

If you want to simplify your search, add “YouTube” at the end. Therefore, “Beauty Products + YouTube” may be used to find individuals who create beauty-related videos.

You may want to read some of them now, depending on how many videos on cosmetics pop up. Send them a direct message (DM) and ask if they want to collaborate if you find someone who appears popular.

They may say yes, but they also could say no. You’ll know either way whether this is a person worth investing time in.

Look at Previous Sponsored Content

On YouTube, not everyone is eager to team up. It would be beneficial to look for persons who have worked with various businesses or are presently employed by those firms.

Search for sponsored or ‘ad’ with your brand’s specialty on YouTube to find potential influencers to work with.

Video game journalist Alanah Pierce, who also plays video games, often creates sponsored material for various video game-related companies, such as the video below.

You may count on seeing a lot of sponsored material and ads. These films on YouTube are made to promote a particular product or service for businesses like yours. No significant lifting on your part is required. They have completed the task for you. They’ve been successful for other firms, and it’s simple to observe how active their followers are on social media thanks to these tools.

Consequently, looking for paid positions is a simple way to get highly qualified workers for your company. Affiliate programs are another excellent method of enticing YouTubers to promote your company. If you want to identify a significant influencer and expand your audience, giving them more leeway to express their creativity or offering them a financial incentive to do so can help.

Hire an Agency

If you need assistance locating influential users of YouTube, you may contact a marketing firm or use an influencer marketing platform.

After hiring an agency to handle your influencer marketing strategy, you may focus on other parts of your brand’s development.

Hiring an agency is the best option since they handle everything. They deal with everything about the project, from identifying influencers to contacting them.

Each influencer campaign’s data and analytics are recorded, too, for simple retrospective evaluation.

How Do I Find an Influencer?

The question then becomes how to identify the most suitable influencer for the promotion. Now that we’ve covered the best methods for contacting YouTube stars let’s go over the fundamentals you need to know before making an offer.

Methods for identifying suitable YouTube advocates for advertising campaigns

Research Your Audience

You must first investigate your potential customers. Where do their passions lie? In what age bracket do they fall? What part of town do they call home? In other words, what brands do they often buy?

Create a List of Potential Influencers

Once you have identified your target audience, you can begin compiling a list of key opinion leaders in that group.

Start Building Relationships

Now that you have a list of influencers, start creating connections by sending them messages via social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

How Do I Get in Touch With YouTube Influencers?

After identifying potential influencers to collaborate with, the next step is to reach out to them. Yes, but what precisely should you say? Is it OK to send them a cold email? Could it be a warm one, at that?

Social media and professional email are the most often used channels for reaching out to influential people. Submitting a remark on one of their videos is not enough.

Be Specific: Be as explicit as you can when making first contact with influencers. For example, if you need a fashion blogger, say that you’re developing a new line of apparel. This clarifies the value for influencers in working with you.

Ask for help: Message writing is an art; therefore, if you don’t know how to do it, ask someone who does. The use of boilerplate language in emails is a standard error many make. Instead, you may inquire with a person who has experience with this.

Be Honest: Don’t make false claims about your business. It will seem wrong and potentially harm your connection with the influencer.

Keep It Short and Sweet: Nearly 250 words is the typical email length. Therefore, don’t get crazy! Keep in mind that little is more.

Follow-Up: It is recommended to follow up with a second email no more than 24 hours after the previous one has been delivered. You’ve shown interest in a meaningful conversation by doing this.

How We Can Help You Find Youtube Influencers

Informativespace recognizes the difficulty in researching relevant YouTube influencers and the pressure associated with coordinating with them.

On the other hand, we aim to alleviate any unnecessary stress on your part. As a seasoned influencer marketing firm, we know how to get in touch with the right influencers, who will, in turn, help spread the word about your company to their followers.

Our staff will be an influencer discovery tool, investigating your sector for relevant influencers and reaching out to them through email to explore prospective partnerships.

You can count on our constant guidance and assistance from the first stages of reaching out to influencers to the post-launch management of your influencer marketing partnerships. What sets us apart is that we give both companies and influencers the leeway to express themselves. Give us the marketing plan, and we’ll cover everything else.


The famous youtube influencers are Lilly Singh, Issa Rae, Todrick Hall, and Bo Burnham. In this article, we explain the power of youtube influencers and the best way to find these like (Hashtags, youtube trending tabs, and networks). Some points that are very helpful for touching the youtube influencers. These points are (Be specific, Ask for help, Be honest, keep it short and sweet, and Follow up).



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