How to Get More Scholarships in London?


If fish & chips, tea, and drizzle have you pining for the UK, then you should consider attending University there. (And if that weren’t enough to satisfy you, there are also a couple of excellent institutions in the area and the method for How to get more scholarships in London?)

Due to the rising cost of higher education in the UK, grants, fellowships, and other financial aids are in great demand. Scholarship financing is particularly competitive since universities in London offer more and more of them to get the brightest and best overseas students to study there.

Below is a list of study abroad scholarships available to find the answer: How to get more scholarships in London? These awards come from the government of the United Kingdom, private organizations, and many different colleges around the country.

Govt. Funded Universities

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom and other organizations finance British Chevening Scholarships, awarded to overseas students studying in the United Kingdom. These awards may cover the entire or partial cost of a master’s degree program in any field.
  • Funding opportunities for international students from developing Commonwealth nations to pursue masters and doctoral degrees in the United Kingdom and other participating institutions. Here is the complete list of qualifying countries.
  • Scholarships for overseas students studying in the United Kingdom as part of the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme. There has to be proof that the courses taken will help advance the student’s home country’s economy, society, or technology.
  • Scholarships for graduate study in the United Kingdom are awarded to US citizens who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership ability, and potential as international ambassadors. Those with a Master of Business Administration degree and some other classes are not eligible.

Non-Govt. Funded Universities

  • In Europe, scholars have a resource in Euraxess, an initiative of the European Commission. The British Council oversees this program in the United Kingdom, where it funds postgraduate research opportunities for overseas students.
  • The annual CastleSmart Scholarship is awarded to a UK undergraduate student and is worth £6,000. (open to all nationalities). Candidates are required to produce a convincing YouTube video detailing their educational and professional goals.
  • The Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship offers a $2,000 award to a high school, college, or graduate student studying in the UK or another study location. You must write and submit an essay to apply for this award, which is available to people of all nationalities.
  • Financial Support From The Royal Society – Talented researchers in the UK and elsewhere may apply for several accessible scholarships and fellowships.

University of Nottingham

Scholarships are available for study in various disciplines at the University of Nottingham. For exceptional students keen to use their degree for a good purpose in the workforce, the University has introduced new regional excellence prizes that will pay a portion of tuition costs for the first year of study.

Successful athletes might get scholarships to attend the University.


University College of London

University College London offers its scholarship search engine to help students identify funding opportunities. This implies that international students have many options to choose from.

To narrow down your scholarship results, you may use search categories such as your country of origin, level of education, whether you are a current or prospective student, the kind of scholarship, and the subject area. Don’t rush anything; think things over carefully and see what options present themselves.

University of Sheffield 

Scholarships for overseas students at the University of Sheffield range from $2,000 to $2,500 yearly. In addition, they provide fifty scholarships that cover fifty percent of your undergraduate tuition for four years (assuming a sixty percent GPA).

Check out their nation websites to learn more about available grants and scholarships in your area.

University of Brighton 

International scholarships at the University of Brighton are mainly based on academic achievement. One possible interpretation is an intellectual achievement; excellence in other areas is also acceptable.

The most competitive applicants will be those who can demonstrate both academic prowess (including proficiency in English) and extracurricular excellence relevant to your career.

University of Manchester

Those interested in attending the University of Manchester may choose various financial aid options. Scholarships are available for overseas students enrolled in specific majors, programs, or departments.

Awards for travel and study are only the beginning of what the institution offers. Check out their website to see if any available scholarships interest you and get the answer: How to get more scholarships in London?

Warwick University

All nations outside the UK and EU are eligible to apply for the international student scholarships Warwick University offers.

Most international awards are broken down by country of origin. Undergraduates interested in finding out more about scholarship opportunities in their nation may do so by filtering results by country.

Durham University

The Overseas Excellence Scholarship at Durham University is a yearly prize of £2,000 given to international students with exceptional academic promise.

The award is open to all international students enrolled in graduation or postgraduate degree in Mathematics or Statistics, regardless of their home country. Therefore, unless you are pursuing a degree in Mathematics or Statistics, you must apply for a scholarship.

University of Edinburgh

For incoming international students, the respective University offers three main types of scholarships for undergraduates:

  • the Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships;
  • the Robertson International Scholarships; and
  • the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies International Scholarship.

Pupils from outside the United Kingdom who experience sudden and severe financial hardships are eligible to apply to the University’s Hardship Fund.

University of Westminster

Its High Achiever Awards and Fully Funded Scholarships are the two primary undergraduate scholarships offered by the University of Westminster in London.

Use the University’s scholarship discovery tool to see whether you are qualified for any external or combined scholarships.

University of Leicester

There are several different scholarship opportunities for undergraduates from outside the European Union at the University of Leicester, including

  • the President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme and
  • the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme.

Scholarships are available for various reasons, including financial need, academic achievement, and community service. If you have a sibling who is also planning to go or is already enrolled at Leicester, you will both be eligible for a tuition reduction.


Outlook for How to get more scholarships in London?

Additional undergraduate scholarships are available at other UK institutions to answer How to get more scholarships in London? It will take some time to go through the extensive university listings on If you want to get more information about the Universities of London, click on the following link:

Be patient and open to new possibilities as you continue your quest. Do your best to prepare applications for all the opportunities you believe you qualify for. Have fun!


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