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How to get sponsors on YouTube for your small size channel & make money

For a long time, many of you have been asking yourself, “How can you earn money on YouTube?” Many bloggers worry whether their efforts are worthwhile since they spend so much time making high-quality videos they give away for free. It would help if you got compensated for the time and effort you put into generating content. Finding a means to be paid for your YouTube videos is essential, and you likely already know that sponsored content is one of the most significant ways to earn money on YouTube.

As a result, YouTube has quickly become one of the most widely used content marketing channels. Considering YouTube has more than 2.3 billion viewers, its effectiveness as a marketing tool is indisputable. A video may convey the spirit of a company, inspire viewers emotionally, and instruct them in the proper usage of a particular product. When done well, video marketing can be a very effective tool for growing your business. It’s not hard to see why companies always look for fresh YouTubers who can serve as brand ambassadors and influencers.

Brand reps are always on the lookout for influencers like you on YouTube. They may typically contact a YouTuber with a compensated sponsorship offer if they discover a vlogger they like who creates high-quality material that meets their niche market.

It’s common for vloggers to include a brief advertisement at the beginning of a “this video is sponsored by” disclaimer after their video. It’s also possible for the vlogger to have some kind of brand promotion, such as a review or demonstration, inside the video itself.

These suggestions can assist you in luring advertisers to your YouTube channel:

What Exactly Are Sponsorships?

Sponsorship on YouTube is an arrangement where a company pays to work with a YouTube personality. Having YouTubers endorse a business’s goods or services for financial compensation is a win for both the brand and the YouTubers.

Brands and agencies invest millions of dollars each year in video marketing through sponsorships, but for a smaller channel, securing support may seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Significant brands may sponsor YouTube channels of any size, however. An active following, high-quality material, and regular posting frequency are all needed to secure a lucrative sponsorship contract.

YouTube sponsorships are a valuable revenue stream. Many popular YouTubers now rely heavily on advertising revenue. It may also be that way, even if you’re just starting.

Raise Commenter Participation on Your Site

The size or number of your YouTube channel is not necessary to acquire advertisers. Even if you just have a modest YouTube channel, you may still attract sponsors if it is evident that you have a dedicated fan base.

Micro-influencers are reliable YouTubers who have built up a sizable, dedicated following. Many marketers choose to fund micro-influencers on YouTube rather than a famous YouTube celebrity because of the greater trust they inspire among the micro-audience. Influencer Micro-influencers, under their size, focus, and specificity, tend to have a more personal and genuine rapport with their audience.

You can get more people involved with your films by asking them questions and reading their answers in the comments section. A beauty blogger may ask, “What is your favorite long-wear lipstick, and why?” to their audience. Leave a comment! To get people talking, you may also pose a question. You may ask your audience, “Does anybody have any questions concerning my skincare routine?” Put your questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to address them. Your number of subscribers won’t be as significant after a prospective sponsor realizes how engaged your audience is by reading the comments below your videos. That’s why it’s essential to constantly stimulate participation and discourse through the comments area if you want to attract sponsors.

Your subscription and audience base will grow if you do this. Why? The more comments your films get, the higher they will appear in YouTube’s algorithm; therefore, the more people will be able to see them.

Robust Branding

An established YouTube channel with a memorable name and logo will attract more viewers and financial support. Everything from the compelling backstory of your brand to the visual representation of your company to the character traits that define your brand to the specific audience you want to reach. As a YouTuber, your brand is your way of making a statement about who you are and what you stand for. Some characteristics of effective brand identities are listed below.

An established brand lets viewers trust your channel since they know what to anticipate from you every time they tune in. You constantly have a positive, upbeat demeanor in your videos, use the same consistent backdrop, and wear uniformly recognizable clothing. People will learn to recognize your videos if you continually use the same font and size for your text graphics and the same colour pink as your movie backdrop. If your videos consistently look great and have a strong brand identity, advertisers will be eager to have you represent them.

Defining your brand’s character will make it easier for other companies (including possible financial backers) to determine whether or not they share your beliefs and objectives. When it comes to connecting YouTubers with advertisers, this idea is vital.

Short video introductions and consistent video image thumbnails should be part of your brand’s visual identity. Having a well-defined brand identity will make your channel more presentable and memorable to your audience.

Creating Valuable Content

Making and uploading high-quality material to your channel is crucial if you want to get YouTube advertising sponsorship. Companies want to get their names out there and are willing to spend money on advertisements in online videos. However, they won’t put money into channels whose material doesn’t accurately reflect the high standard of their offerings. Because of this, before contacting companies about sponsorship or submitting your channel to a YouTube influencer program, you should do a thorough quality check of your videos.

Investing in high-quality equipment and careful post-production is key to making impressive videos for YouTube. You may not be able to spring for a top-of-the-line Canon camera right now, but if you do your homework, you can discover plenty of excellent alternatives that won’t break the bank. The same holds for making high-quality YouTube films with only a smartphone, a few helpful peripherals, and some good editing. Instead of taking on the task yourself, hire a cheap freelance editor.

Promotional Content Samples

Promoting a product in one of your videos (for free) will demonstrate that you are a terrific brand ambassador, even if you don’t currently have any paid sponsorship arrangements. An easy example of sponsored post-style content in the beauty industry would be a video instruction on curling your hair that promotes a specific hair tool. You may advertise the wand, show off your technique, and display your results in one convenient movie (your gorgeous, curly hair.) Take special care to check that the video’s lighting is adequate, the backdrop is neat or tastefully created, the cuts are smooth, and the music fits the mood.

To attract advertisers, your YouTube channel must have product demos. They will want tangible proof that you understand how to market, show, and sell a product. Professionally edited, high-quality videos are also a must for attracting sponsors. Sponsors are always trying to recruit experienced YouTubers, so hiring a video editor or learning how to edit videos on your own is worth it.


Brands wishing to advertise on YouTube require reliable affiliates. If people see that you consistently submit fresh videos on Mondays, it will make you appear dependable and trustworthy. Maintaining a regular publishing schedule is necessary if you want to get noticed. Maybe you’ll update your channel with a brand-new video every Monday (or every other week). However, you should always keep the following three things in mind to make sure your movies are consistent:




Think About Who You’re Addressing

To get a sponsor, you must first convince them that your material will interest their demographic. It’s essential to identify your target demographic before launching a YouTube channel. Whether or whether your content can resonate with the demographics of the brands you wish to work with is a crucial question. If a roofer and baker could partner on a YouTube sponsorship, both parties would be a win-win.

However, here is where things start to become complicated. To fully understand your target market, you must break them down into several subsets. “audience segmentation” refers to breaking down a broad target audience into more manageable subsets. Take Red Bull, a popular energy drink, as an example. Caffeine drinkers aren’t the primary focus of Red Bull’s advertising; instead, the company goes for adrenaline addicts and other untapped demographics.

A further example is the virtual private network (VPN) provider Surfshark. They want to appeal to security-conscious Internet users and tourists who miss access to media from back home.

Reach of the Content

Having a YouTube channel and posting a few videos on it isn’t enough to get corporate sponsorships. Advertisements on popular YouTube channels are a standard tactic companies use to contact consumers and expand brand awareness. Therefore, you should work to increase the number of active subscribers on your channel.

There is no hard and fast rule about the minimum amount of followers a YouTube channel needs to attract advertisers, but a few thousand is a good starting point.

Sponsors may also look at how active your audience is and how often they watch your videos. If you want your sponsored video to be successful, you need to work on growing a dedicated audience. Getting sponsored discounts does not require a certain threshold of subscribers. While many companies and agencies collaborate with YouTubers with tens of thousands of followers, many channels with hundreds of thousands or more do not have any paid partnerships.

Get In Touch With Potential Allies Today

You may start connecting with advertisers and earning practical experience after you’re satisfied with the content and development of your channel. Securing paid sponsors may seem daunting, but it’s much simpler than you imagine.

Joining InformativeSpace, an influencer marketing platform that matches YouTubers with sponsors that are a good fit for their channel’s brand identity is an excellent first step if you’re looking to establish a connection with a potential sponsor. If you want to get more information about the Youtube channel, click on the following link:



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