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List of Universities in London


London’s higher education institutions boast among of the world’s highest rates of diversity. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the best universities in London, from small, private institutions to large, public ones. Over 100,000 foreign students from over 200 nations travel to the UK capital to study at some of the world’s finest universities. Since urbanest is a leading supplier of student housing in London, we thought it would be helpful to give a thorough list of London universities and a brief overview of what each have to offer. We will also consider which London university is the most suitable for your field of study.

List of Universities in London

Let’s speak about the many London universities and what they have to supply before we get into which ones are ideal for the degree you have in mind.

Birkbeck, University Of London

Birkbeck University is widely recognised as a top university in the globe, drawing in over 18,000 students from 120 different countries. Is dawn not your thing? Only Birkbeck offers evening classes at the university level in London. This one-of-a-kind London institution encourages students to get practical experience in addition to their formal education in fields like law and social science.

Brunel University London

Located just outside the city limits of the British capital, Brunel University has earned a spot among the world’s top 25 institutions of higher education for students from other countries. Brunel is a vibrant international community of 2,500 students and is a campus institution with guaranteed housing for first-year students. Brunel University is London’s number two engineering school and provides a wide variety of academic programmes and experiential learning opportunities.

City, University Of London

City, a division of the esteemed University of London, is a leading provider of undergraduate and graduate degrees in business. The City, University of London is conveniently located in the heart of London, with its main campus straddling the neighbourhoods of Islington, Shoreditch, and Clerkenwell. This London institution was rated third in the city for student happiness, and for good reason: it’s close to everything the best the city has to offer, including world-class cultural attractions and innovative academic programmes.

Coventry University London

Coventry University London is a relative newcomer, but it has quickly made a name for itself by offering one of the widest ranges of business programmes in all of Europe during the previous decade. Coventry University London offers a direct route to work because to its extensive industry connections with companies like Jaguar and Deloitte, as well as its internship programmes and specific business centres within each degree. Moreover, this London school’s frequent activities and socials provide a fantastic opportunity for overseas students to experience authentic British culture.

GCU London

Glasgow Caledonian University’s graduate school is located in this London institution. The British School of Fashion is part of GCU London, which is located in Spitalfields, a centre for the fashion and financial industries. Everything that goes on at GCU is focused on preparing students for successful jobs in the future job market. This London school has strong links to the corporate world and hosts frequent masterclasses taught by top professors in each field.

Goldsmiths, University Of London

As part of the University Of London, Goldsmiths has been delivering highly recognised courses in a number of topics for over 100 years. The ancient London institution is considered as one of the finest political academic institutions and also ranks in the top 25 for research excellence.

If you’ve opted to study at this famous institution, consider our Goldsmiths student housing for a pleasant stay in the city.

Imperial College London

Imperial College is a must-have on any list of London’s top universities. Students from all over the globe flock to Imperial College London because it consistently ranks among the top five institutions in the United Kingdom. Because of its central location, this institution is the only one in the United Kingdom (UK) that focuses completely on engineering, science, medical, and business degrees, making it a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration and inquisitive thought. With four Nobel Prize winners among its alumni, this institution has an impressive record.

Our highly regarded housing for Imperial College students is on par with the exceptional reputation of the school.

King’s College London

This Russell Group institution, founded in 1829, is the fourth-oldest in the United Kingdom. Because of its location on the river Thames, the campus of Kings College London (which was named after one of its co-founders, King George IV) has a picturesque setting with iconic buildings all around. This illustrious institution has earned a sterling reputation as a leading think tank and research centre for the social sciences, the legal profession, the natural and health sciences, and the humanities. Kings attracts students from all over the world; last year alone, it had visitors from more than 150 nations.

Our luxurious Kings College London lodgings are only a 30-minute commute from the heart of the university’s bustling London campus.

Kingston University

Kingston University gives students a taste of London living since it is located on the outskirts of the city in a green area. Just outside of London’s busy downtown, Kingston University is ranked first in the city for many disciplines, including nursing, pharmacy, sports science, journalism, and fashion. In case you were worried about having to put on your walking shoes in between classes, be assured that there is a free bus service that runs between the university’s four campuses. Courses at this London institution are taught by renowned faculty members who have a deep commitment to practical education. In reality, most graduate students are offered a yearlong internship.

London Business School

The programmes at London Business School are some of the best in the world, and they are helping to define the future of the industry. LBS, which is located on the edge of Regent’s Park, is connected to global business powerhouses. Courses are among the finest available at business schools, and they are available at every level from master’s to doctorate. This London institution has been recognised for its excellent academic programmes and has twice received the top research grade from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).



Urbanest’s student housing may be found in London’s prestigious Zone 1. The greatest pubs, restaurants, and sights in London, as well as the majority of the city’s educational institutions, are conveniently close by. We provide London student housing, so if you’re a student this year, we hope you’ll consider living with us. Also, you will get benefits from the list of universities in London.



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