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YouTube SEO: 13 Tips To Optimize Your Channel To Rank For Any Keyword

YouTube SEO: 13 Tips To Optimize Your Channel To Rank For Any Keyword, Youtube, Youtube SEO

YouTube functions as its large search engine, much like Google. The search engine is technically second only to its parent corporation, Google, in terms of global market share. In case you were wondering, YouTube utilizes its own set of algorithms to help you narrow your search results to just the videos that will be useful to you. It analyses your preferences and other data to determine which films to recommend. According to data compiled by DataBox, most YouTube viewers utilize the site’s built-in search feature to locate videos to watch.

YouTube Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of using this information to enhance the visibility of your channel, playlists, and individual videos across all platforms. Keep in mind that YouTube content might also be found in other search engines. YouTube videos are instantly indexed by Google, unlike conventional websites that need time for bots to scan the site and create video sitemaps.

Make sure your videos are at the top of Google, Bing, and other search engines if you want to discover how to make money on YouTube (SERPs). If your video is well-optimized, it will still rank well in search results even if the user does their search on a different search engine. If you type in “how to construct an A-frame cabin,” multiple videos appear ahead of any written results.

There are 500 hours of videos published on YouTube every minute, so your film has to be exceptional if you want it to be seen. Ensuring your car’s engine is functioning well is like creating a YouTube SEO plan. The presence of fancy electronics in an otherwise broken luxury vehicle is meaningless. You may use YouTube search engine optimization as a motor. For a video to reach the top of search results, Google and YouTube must recognize its relevance. Therefore, optimized content may expose your channel to viewers and boost your numbers:

Insert Subtitles and Transcripts

To provide a more satisfying user experience, YouTube may automatically transcribe your videos. Even though it employs automatic speech recognition (ASR) and machine learning to provide the most accurate transcription possible, it is far from perfect. There are still some bugs in the system, but the voice recognition technology is improving continuously. It is less likely to receive a more accurate read from users who, for example, have a strong accent, talk fast, or use slang. This means you may either generate your transcription on your own time or outsource it to a company specializing in video transcription.

Click the “…” button in the lower right corner of the video, then “Open Transcript” to double-check your work. A time-stamped transcript of your video will load to the right of the screen at this point. It would be best if you always double-check the accuracy of the transcript it generates.

Captions are based on transcriptions, although transcriptions have further applications as well. Video captions help people grasp what’s happening in a video in real-time. Transcripts improve accessibility for audio, while closed captions are mandated by law for video. Finally, the video’s subtitles provide a more detailed description of the content, noting things like speaker adjustments, sound effects, and more.

YouTube employs voice recognition technology to construct captions, similar to transcripts automatically. However, it would be best if you took this a step further to ensure accuracy and accessibility for your readers, which will positively affect your search engine optimization efforts. PlayMedia conducted research showing that adding subtitles to videos on Facebook boosted watch time by 12%; the same results would likely hold for YouTube as well.

Captions may be derived from your transcription. Closed Captions may be added to your videos by clicking “Subtitles” on the left side of the YouTube Studio interface and manually putting in the text.

Learn About Your Readership by Doing Keyword Research

Keyword research is a terrific approach to narrow in on your target audience for your YouTube channel and make your SEO efforts more effective. When launching your channel, you should consider the content you want to produce and the keywords you want to include. The results of your keyword study should direct your search engine optimization efforts and may even help you create a more structured YouTube content calendar.

Having made your list of potential themes, put it aside and investigate potential rivals’ offerings. Seek videos focused on related fields, sub-niches, and subject areas, and note the specific terms used. Put them down as probable.

Second, research popular YouTube searches to see what people are interested in. Begin entering your search phrases into YouTube’s search field to get insight from the suggested to autocomplete terms. These are terms that are often used to find content on YouTube. The most searched-for phrases on YouTube are these recommendations. Let’s imagine you’re interested in making campervan-related vlogs. A suggested autocomplete query for “campervan construction” would look like this:

Finally, take advantage of a keyword tool. You may find the terms that will most benefit your SEO and generate traffic to your videos using keyword research tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest, which show the traffic volume for various phrases.

After investigating your competition, taking advantage of YouTube’s autocomplete capabilities, and using keyword research tools, you should have a thorough list of keywords from which to draw.

Applying Keywords to Content for Optimization

Now that you have a list of keywords, you can use them to improve your content. Ideally, you would use your core keywords in these three spots:

  1. Video Titles
  2. Audio Content
  3. Video description (Thumbnail &Keyword tags)

Your primary keyword should be used prominently in the title of your video. According to research, the title of your video is the single most significant piece of information for improving search engine results.

Keep the keyword towards the beginning of the title whenever you can. A better title may be “Intermittent Fasting for Beginners” if your keyword is “intermittent fasting” rather than “Beginner’s Tips for Intermittent Fasting.”

The next step is to use your keywords in the video’s description at least twice. Include your target keyword inside the first 25 words, then sprinkle in other keywords naturally throughout the remainder of the narrative.

Finally, be sure to include your keywords while speaking in the video. Remember that if you use these terms in your audio, they will also appear in your captions and transcripts.

Keywords, Categories, and Other Classifications

Tags on your channels might include your target keywords. Tags for your channel should be terms that are unique to it. Thanks to the information provided by these tags, YouTube can better link you with viewers who will be interested in your videos and media.

YouTube may insist on the importance of thumbnails, titles, and descriptions for SEO, but other studies continue to find a correlation between properly formatted tags and improved search engine ranks. Some recommended YouTube tag formats are as follows:

Don’t overcrowd your video description with tags, or YouTube won’t be able to figure out what it’s about. Ensure that your primary, intended keyword is the first tag you use. INTRODUCE GENERAL KEYWORDS TO ASSIST YOUTUBE IN DETERMINING THE OVERALL CONTEXT. For instance, if you’re making a video about installing solar panels on your cabin, you may want to include the word “cabin” as a keyword. TAG KEYWORDS WITHIN THE RANGE OF 2 AND 4 WORDS AT MOST

Don’t Make Short Reels

One primary criterion for rating videos is their overall duration. In a Databox research of YouTube ranking criteria, video duration ranked well across the board.

Producing lengthier videos requires more time and energy, but the payoff in new viewers and subscribers is worth the extra effort. YouTube’s primary goal is to make its users happy and keep them returning for more. Videos with more content keep viewers on YouTube for longer, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to consume other content (like yours).

To sum up, shorter films interrupt the flow of the watching experience, whereas longer videos allow for uninterrupted playback.

Increase Your Watch Time

You need 4,000 hours of watch time to monetize your channel on YouTube, so it’s not only a helpful SEO measure. In addition to doing extensive keyword research, you may increase viewership in several other ways:


Users will see your thumbnail before the title, sometimes even before they click on the video. You should thus pay particular attention to your thumbnail. High-quality photos, the video’s title in beautiful typography, and recognizable brand features should all be part of your thumbnail. In addition to capturing the attention of your target audience, the video you choose should give them a taste of what they may anticipate if they decide to watch it. The picture you choose for your film should correspond to the topic; for a video about the Swiss Alps, you wouldn’t want to show yourself in your car on the way there.

Finally, logotypes and color schemes are examples of branded components. Don’t use yellow Comic Sans for your video title if you usually use white Lobster. The best YouTube creators maintain a uniform aesthetic across their channels.

Make Your Playlist Adventures

Videos uploaded to a YouTube channel may be grouped into playlists. Building collections may help you not only manage and curate your videos but also attract more subscribers and viewers. After a viewer finishes watching a video from your playlist, the next video in the set will start playing automatically. The results of YouTube searches may also include specific playlists.

There must be at least four videos in each playlist. A “New Here” playlist is a great way to provide new subscribers an overview of your channel’s content and focus if you have a lot of videos and cover many topics. Finally, use your best picture as the thumbnail cover while creating a playlist.

Consider Using Teaser Videos

When a viewer hovers over your video’s thumbnail on YouTube, they’ll be treated to a three-second sample of your video. Previews will automatically play before playing qualifying videos, and YouTube will choose a clip from the first half of the video to play. While video previews may be disabled, it’s important to remember that they serve as billboards to attract people.

Skillfully Organise Content

Your films will become aimless and disorganized if you don’t have a content schedule. Treat content management like any other aspect of a company or brand, and approach it strategically. Whether you’re doing a vlog or a more structured instructional, it’s always a good idea to plan out your content in advance. Then, after doing so for many films, you’ll have a comprehensive schedule that you may use from now on.

Video content gaps may be identified and followed through with a content calendar. It’s common for YouTubers to stop making videos when they’ve run out of ideas, but you can avoid this problem by coming up with ideas ahead of time and keeping your films well-organized.

Make Regular Posts

Simply said, the more you publish, the more likely someone will see one of them. Your YouTube SEO strategy can only grow with each video you upload. Maintain a consistent publication schedule, much like a blog. YouTube boosts users that upload content often, so if you upload more frequently than another user with a similarly titled video, yours will rise in the rankings. Top YouTube channels often update their videos once every other day. You shouldn’t ignore quality in favor of quantity. If you can’t come up with engaging material many times each week, at least publish once per week.

Welcome Feedback

Backlinko claims that YouTube interaction (likes, comments, and shares) is a significant element in search engine rankings. A video’s ranking improves as more people talk about it in the comments section. YouTube prioritizes videos that have received many comments in its search rankings. Because of this, having a strategy to attract more feedback is essential. We’ll go through three guidelines for success now:

  1. Keep up with comments at all times.

Unless you get hundreds of comments, you probably have it sorted out. Maintaining a conversational tone while responding to comments is an easy way to win over devoted viewers. Viewers will like your content creation and interaction skills if they see that you reply to their words.

  1. Feature feedback from readers.

Get creative and make a video response to an interesting question or remark you get (either verbally or by sharing a screenshot). Several factors contribute to its becoming effective. To begin with, it highlights the original poster and makes them feel appreciated. In addition, it allows others who are listening to a chance to speak out. Lastly, commenting on the video encourages more people to join the conversation.

  1. Pose some queries.

Encourage your audience to remark by making it simple for them to do so. If you’re creating a film on dropshipping, you might ask, “What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of dropshipping?” This not only helps you learn what you should be discussing but it also encourages interaction with your audience.

Consider Conducting an Analytical Metrics Review

What you can learn about your videos’ performance from their YouTube metrics is extensive. Use YouTube Analytics to understand what makes your videos popular. You can’t rest on your laurels if you want to succeed on YouTube; thankfully, the site provides a wealth of analytics that may inform your choices regarding optimization and expansion. We may classify metrics as follows:

  1. REACH


Using these three groups, you may assess how well your material meets its intended purpose. Studies have shown that longer videos perform better in general, but If your best-performing videos deviate from the YouTube standard (maybe they get a lot of views while being relatively brief), figure out what makes them so engaging and think of new methods to generate videos like them.

Watch Time

The estimated total time spent viewing your movies is measured by a statistic called “Watch Time.” YouTube places a premium on Watch Time since it is the best predictor of a video’s success. If anything, one might argue that Watch Time is more crucial than View Count. Having a thousand people click on your video is meaningless if only ten people watch it all the way through.

YouTube has made it quite evident that “Channels and videos with more view times are likely to appear higher in search results and recommendations.” Check out your Watch Time; if it’s disproportionate to your View Count, you need to rethink your approach. If some videos have better metrics than others, for example, more extended Watch Time, you should note that those videos may have been more engaging.


How well your videos engage and keep the interest of your viewers may be gauged by measuring their audience retention. You may calculate the quality of your views by focusing on this indicator. With this measure, you can pinpoint the precise moment viewers lost interest in your films. You can see that the average viewer abandoned the movie at the 3:50 point in this example from Oberlo, even though the film runs for over five and a half minutes.

You could start to question why folks tend to depart at this time. Maybe you’re rambling on about the same thing for far too long and losing interest in your audience. Perhaps you failed to provide some crucial detail that the audience was anticipating. This data may be used to make videos perform better in search results.

Where Traffic Comes From

Who is coming across your videos, and how? Understanding your audience’s referral sources lets you focus your attention and resources on where they will do the most good. The “traffic source types” that YouTube presents for your channel will be split into two main groups: internal and external. The best internal and external resources for the dropshipping platform Oberlo are as follows:

Finding where your traffic is coming from might improve your advertising strategy and reach your goals. If most of your viewers aren’t on Facebook but are instead on Instagram, you may prioritize creating an Instagram account based on your channel’s content there.

100 Popular YouTube Challenges (And Ideas) to Help You Go Viral

Best Practices for WIN WIN SEO

Successful YouTube channels rely heavily on discovery. Getting your films in front of the correct audience is crucial if you want to make money on YouTube and build a passive revenue stream from old recordings. Every video must be a boost to its absolute potential. Keep this mental checklist handy while you construct your channel:

  • Make a schedule for your videos for easier management
  • Schedule regular video uploading
  • Caps and transcripts should be used for every video.
  • Search for keywords and use them to optimize your content (title, description, etc.)
  • Make youtube videos that are longer
  • Tag your videos!
  • Make thumbnails that stand out and reflect your brand
  • Make lists of music
  • Do use video teaser texts
  • Welcome replies to your videos
  • Examine your data to see where your strategy may need some tweaking


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