About Us

Welcome to the ‘About Us’ page of Informative Space.

An endeavour of Muhammad Hamza, the Informative Space is a Pakistan-based all-rounder blog. It delivers information about health, global news, lifestyle, gadgets, fashion, video stuff, and almost every other thing around the world. The intention of starting up this blog site is to keep our audience up to date with everyday world trends and affairs.

Our Mission

At the Information Space, we strive to go on and further enhance this creative online publishing convention of integrating value, information and optimism. We aim to create prime unique informational content. We at The Information Space make sure to deliver quality content to our readers.

Our Vision

In a world of materialism where people mostly invest in property, we at Information Space invest in emotions and that’s the best we can bring to the table. We believe quality and truth are inseparable while delivering the information. It is because everyone has the right to know the real information. We make sure that you will get the right and the real information here at the desk of the Information Space.

Why the Information Space?

To stay up to date is the need of the hour, in this era of Globalization. Here you will find A to Z guides, How to guides, and Answers to almost all of your questions related to trending topics. The thoroughly researched and well-written articles will keep you up to date.

What is happening around the World? What is trending and what is outdated? You will find it all here at the desk of the Informative Space. Our writers are best in knowing how to hook our readers by the throat and turn them into eager readers of our blog post content.

Our Team

Our highly competent, enthusiastic, and self-motivated team of professional content writers is here to showcase the best of their work. They make sure to present thoroughly researched, well-written, highly engaging articles to keep you enlightened.

Author Profile of Muhammad Hamza

Believes in what he wants to get and gets it. Writing is a passion for Muhammad Hamza and wants to acknowledge the world with his creativity and imagination. Welcome to his fascinating world and be a part of it by reading and understanding his work.

Hamza is a social media content creator who edits, writes, and puts down words to correspond and compose a unique multi-facet media open to both genders equally.

He has experience of three-plus years in the world of content writing. Moreover, he is a full-time web developer as well.

You can reach him via email:


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Author Profile of Ayesha Malik

Ayesha is a highly-skilled, enthusiastic, and self-motivated professional writer of three-plus years. Writing is a kind of passion to her more than a passion. She loves to write and aims to improve herself with each passing day. She has great communication skills and an excellent convincing style to convince the readers through her writings.

Ayesha is a voracious reader who delights in immersing herself in new and intriguing subjects. She has a master’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology under her belt. She is presently instructing, advising, and mentoring students.